Dead Money Poker Satellite Final Table (kind of...) part 3

So as I eyeballed the poker table anew I got an interesting text from Reid G who opted out of playing. Glad he was thinking of me and wishing me good karma. The text said simply “Check raise it always works.” And that is true in No Limit tournament poker.

I decided I would do just that. To make it even funnier I would do so blind. Har-har. What a funny schmuck I was. Who cares that Keenan, David and I had put a sidebet on the event and there was over a G on the line for the regular bet. The sidebet was to determine who would be crowned Dead Money poker Champion. That’s my kind of last longer bet. Course deciding to recklessly check raise maybe not the best decision as I had carefully built my stack.

I was in the blind so I thought I could set it up right. On this particular hand Keenan, who has a bit of that New York hipster, I play online poker on a Mac vibe, had opened, as he had done a lot of pots from position. I knew he liked to c-bet so this time might be perfect to check-raise blind. Keenan got a caller… and the way this hand would play out is why poker is such a dirty game, and I joined the fray.

Flop came out Queen high, 9 and a 3 with a flush draw. I’ve seen worse. I checked, and Keenan as I anticipated bet. Adam from Nantucket called. I thought of a limerick as he did, and then I brazenly fired out a big bet over their heads. Keenan stone called. Then Adam did too. Whoops.

There went a lot of my chips. I still hadn’t looked at my hand so I was just hoping I had maybe trey trey. The turn brought a brick, I checked. Though I didn’t know at the time it was a brick, but now looking back it was brick and I don’t remember it. Keenan shoved!?! What?!? Hrumph. I think it was a 10 actually.

Then Adam stewed and put all his chips in the middle. This was troublesome. I pondered and stole a look at my hand. Something like 103. Bottom pair was not the type of hand I wanted to be calling with. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained right?

So I mucked. I thought Keenan was on a flush draw and picked up a straight draw because he seemed stronger because of the turn. That’s why I remember it being a 10. I gave Adam two pair.

To my surprise Keenan turned over AQ and Adam KQ. Okay. It could be the obvious hands and I was just overthinking it. Keenan imo played AQ a little too fast there, so too Adam KQ but Adam was kind of pot tied by his small stack . Keenan this weekend would learn his lesson about over playing top pair top kicker.

The terrible thing for Adam, is had I not got that text the pot likely doesn't escalate to where he goes broke. Maybe he loses half his stack but not all of it.

An interesting thing is, had I a better hand like two pair and not some random blind one, I probably fold in that spot too. I thought at minimum one of them had two pair and the other had a ton of outs. I then looked at my diminished chip stack and immediately thought ill of Reid (not really, I was still the dumbass who did so blindly in the face of a raise and a call).

Perhaps, I could have been a little more careful about the application. And not only that, I forgot what my recent table image was. It wasn’t tight aggressive it was actually a little bit wild.


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