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Myself, Gene D, and our partner publisher John Price is Right are getting together our 2nd issue of the Gulf Coast Magazine. As always, and by always, I mean like we did in our first issue, we will profile local live and online poker players. We pay particular attention to those Gulf Coasters who have done well in our local poker tournaments at the Beau, Harrahs, the IP, Coushatta and other rooms and haunts.

Obviously, we profile successful poker players no matter the game be it No Limit Texas Hold 'Em players, Omaha pros, Stud experts, and mixed game specialists. With one exception, we hate Razz, so if you are a Razz player you can forget about getting into our magazine. Just kidding... we don't hate Razz just people that play Razz. Joking, of course. But if you are Razz player--where do you play? More seriously, if you know a player we should be paying attention to let's us know and we'll get them up on the Who's Who section of our website and consider profiling them in the magazine.

We distribute our magazine to over 120 something drop points, including golf courses, casinos (in fact all but one from Florida to Texas have our mags in their rooms), OTB sites, dog tracks, horse tracks, restaurants, hotels and elsewhere. We are always on the look out for new advertisers that want to get their product out to poker players. Our publisher has several magazines including Tee to the Green and is a big supporter of growing the game on the coast. A rising tide raises all boats (is that the expression?) so we are always willing to partner with like minded entities.

Obviously, our demographics are perfect for a business targeting that core demographic of (mostly) young (mostly) male spenders with discretionary income. We get poker players eyes on your product and services. Our advertising rates are very reasonable. Local tourist driven businesses like restaurants and hotels should target our issues that come out in conjunction with the bigger local tournaments to get poker players into their venues--don't be afraid to put a coupon in there to see how effective the magazine is.

We've gotten tremendous feedback from a number of you guys and welcome even more (even if it is bad). Feel free to hit me up by email (you can find it on Gulf Coast Poker.NET) or leave some comments here. Our next issue will focus on the recent World Series of Poker Event at Harrahs Casino in downtown New Orleans, the Southern Poker Championship, and the IP Classic (at the IP Biloxi).

Also, not to be forgotten is the inexpensive advertising on website. We get thousands of players a month that support businesses that support poker that visit our site and our bloggers. A banner ad with a link to your site is a good way to garner their goodwill toward your business. We all in this together so to speak so let's be good to those of us who are good to the game.

I'm especially excited about who our second cover boy (or girl) will be. We've debated a few different names including those that play online poker and those that play poker live and those that play poker every possible way. It's a tough decision as there are many worthy players on the coast. Considering Tyler Smith followed up his cover boy appearance with some great results including another televised WPT final table, this is surely a good luck omen for our next honoree. Also, on there was Darryll Fish who has obviously proven he’s no slouch either.

I don’t want to spoil it by mentioning the names we are considering but it’s a lot of you guys out there. We’ve been impressed by players of all ages and all backgrounds. It’s been an interesting quarter and we are eager to get another magazine out there.

Okay, that's my magazine plug for the week.


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