Deep Run in the Second Chance Poker Tournament

Headed over the Beau for a quick training session with the gentleman I'm coaching. Have to give him credit he's been killing it lately. He's had several cashes at the Beau and has been steamrolling poker rooms and poker cash games. He's a savvy player who plays against type and really been honed in on making a final table and taking down a tournament.

I'm confident with as many near misses, bad beats, and coolers he's taken with a big stack that a tremendous result will be coming any day now. I hope he wins a satellite seat to the main event as that would be a great place to really leave an impact.

He went deep in a mega and had registered for a nightly Texas No Limit Hold'em poker tournament by the time I got there. I decided to play the $200 buy-in and had a roller coaster night. I had an upper limit of 12k (4k starting stack) and kept fluctuating between the two. In one particular hand a guy who had a few adult beverages was on the button.

A loose erratic player was under the gun limped and I looked at 1010. I made a standard raise. The guy on the button called. He looked a little bit like a drunken Ray Liotta. Well, I've only seen a sober Ray Liotta so he looked a little bit like what I'd think a drunken Ray Liotta would look like. Nice guy, nothing like many of Liotta's squirmy characters. The loose erratic guy joined the fray.

Anyway, flop is all babies and I study the competition, they looked like they missed. The loose player checked. I pushed out a bet that covered the button. I had seen him making some head scratching plays so I wanted to either end the hand now or not have to guess when he shoved on any face card on the turn if he wanted to chase.

Turns out the guy just completely misses or ignores my bet and fires out 4/5ths of his stack. The dealer lets him know I had bet. Ray Liotta drunk decides he's going to pull back his chips. Um... sorry sir. That's not going work.

RLD "Do I have to keep that out there?"
Dealer "Yes."
RLD "Oh... well, I guess..."
RLD "Do I have to keep that out there?"
Dealer "Yes sir, you can't pull that back it plays. You can call or fold."
RLD "I can call or fold?"
Dealer "Yes."
RLD "I fold."

Here's where it gets weird, I think he says "I call." And I turn over my 10s and get ready to sweat the final two cards. Then RLD says, "No, no, I call."

Record scratch. Hold up.

I ask the dealer what he originally said.
Dealer "He said fold."
Me "Well, verbal is binding."

The floor is called over. Why? I don't know this is pretty standard but the floor sides with me that the hand is over. RLD is glassy eyed and keeps telling me okay, but all the while he's reminding me of one of my college friends who'd get a wild look in his eye and I start a 20 minute countdown until he'd be fighting. The guy had that look. Now despite him repeatedly telling me "good hand, you're good" I can just visualize him cracking my knees with a tire iron and burying me in the swamps with Joe Pesce and Bob DiNiro lookalikes.

I get QQ and I take out out a guy with 1010 who shoves on my UTG raise. A revolution later I get QQ again under the gun and the double up a guy who shoved with KK. Weird I had a feeling I was beat that time.


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