Watching Somebody Else's Table

"What were you thinking about? You had top set?" The two seat asked my boy. He just shrugged. I was curious too.

See, I got to sweat Big Smoove aka Goondingy on a big hand late, late... actually early, early Saturday or was it Sunday morning this past weekend.

He was in early position and showed me two ladies. I had just finished a frustrating session of two pair always being beat, flushes meeting bigger flushes, wheels being rivered by nut flushes (mistake on my part for letting him get there), pocket aces getting cracked by third pair, calling my all in on the turn only to become trips on the river. I was tired, playing bad and the cards weren't kind to me either.

Apparently, Goondingy was experiencing some of the same.

I had clapped my hands together did the dealer's pseudo-jazz hands bit (nothing up the sleeves) and called it a day. Big Smoove wasn't calling anything (except with the near nuts on this hand). So, as I was about to walk away I said "I'll watch this hand."

He peeled back the ladies. He was either going to get hurt or get healthy, which tends to happen when playing with two ladies.

A wild guy called, and then a woman in the BB raised.

From where I was standing, having watched zero hands at the table, she had aces or maybe kings, I felt like I was punched in the kidneys. "Just call big guy!" I thought to myself.

Without missing a beat, Big Smoove smoothed.

The wild guy snap called too.

As the dealer prepared to serve the flop, I wanted one of three cards. Queen, first and foremost. Then an A or then a K, so he could get away somewhat painlessly.

Delicious. Queen ball. Rainbow board with rags. Big Smoove and the two ladies just added a third to their party.

He checked. Wild dude checked. Lady fired out a c-bet. Big Smoove matched it and the wild guy joined in as well.

Turn was brick city. Only draw was an odd middle card straight.

Big Smoove checked. Wild man checked. Lady led out big.

Please triple up I think to myself. I couldn't decided whether the big guy should flat or raise.

He pulled out some stacks, both he and the lady were deep, and pushed them forward. The wild man had another and mucked. The lady stewed, and stewed. Then came over the top. I felt like I was watching my friend playing mac poker where he always gets called with the nuts. Surprise, surprise there was no snap call, like there'd be watching my friend crush it when Dealer put a brick on the board.

Big Smoove waited for the lady to show her Aces. She must have wronged him I laughed to myself, as I thought he was getting a taste of revenge. He showed his Queens. Later, I called him a slow-roller he said she had to show first. Still, big smoove I gotta ask your tablemates question "What did you have to think about, you had top set?"


Goondingy said…
Thanks for the re-hash of that hand...I should have gotten up and left but NOOOOOO! I get smacked by the third party, you know that guy who was involved. Anyway, that girl played very solid poker that night and I got real lucky. I played a hand earlier with her when she had the queens and I had kj with a j66 board, the third six hit and the river was a blank, she bet every street and I just called like a lunchbox thinking to myself, she has to have a bigger pocket pair! Yeah, on the final hand I did want to see her hand first because she came over the top and yes I should have just called but several bad thoughts ran through my head, here comes an ace or some card to hit her hand...that's why I delayed. I guess it could be looked at as a slow roll. I won't do that again, but after the river she is supposed to show first. That wasn't slow rolling! Stay frosty my amigo!

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