"I felt it coming"

Playing against players that have ESP is one of the most difficult things to do in poker. These guys know your hole cards, the cards that are coming out next, and what you plan to do. Seems impossible to beat them.

You could argue they should be banned from the casino, it's just not fair. Have faith, good friends because the thing with these ESP guys, is their antenna is not always up. At least that was the case in my last encounter with one. I played the Beau on Friday because I missed the Donkley at Harrahs and I like at least one live tournament a week.

I held KcQc. I put out a raise from mid position. Two callers including the one that would tipped us off about his ESP. Flop came 10c9c6x. I led out with my two overs, my club draw, and my gutterball. I'm quick called. The other folds.

Turn is an 8x. I fire again. Esp-y can't help but call again.

River is a total donut. I waive the white flag. He turns over 8-5.

He says to his friend as he dragged the pot knowingly, "I had a feeling he had nothing on that flop. I just knew it would come."

I ruminate. Esp-y had a feeling he'd hit one of his unders and it'd be good? That means he must have realized he wasn't going to hit his low gutterball. Then to not obviously show just how Psychic he really is, he didn't Nio-Nio value bet me on the river. Damn these paranormals! Where is the X-Files when you need them.

Later, his reception must have been fuzzy, and this is what gives me faith and you fellow non-ESPys should take solace too, because in the BB, I checked a multi way pot with 55 (I think 8 in the hand). You know what I hit, I Chechnya.

Queen high board. ESP leads out, folded to me. I call.

Turn is brick city. He bets bigger. Now, I have to admit, with this guy's psychic prowess it's hard not to give Uri Gellar, at least a spoon bend and top set. I wonder what he's feeling at that point, I think about hitting call on my cell phone to run inteference on his brain-waves, but did I wait too long? Egad what a quandry.

I notice his ears aren't wiggling, perhaps his attenuator is off. I see Monkey's friend Rooster making a call nearby, surely I have him. I didn't even need a tinfoil hat to best the guy. I min raise. He calls.

River is another brick. He checks out of turn. I'm doubting myself again. Oh, that crafty ESP-y guy, how can I be sure he didn't do that because he knew that would instigate an over bet on my part, to make me try and look like I'm buying the pot because I saw him look weak. Well, that's what I did, he threw in his chips triumphantly to call and I waited for him to turn over top set.

Oh, no just Queen-Jack. That's right pair of queens, jack kicker.

That's right friends cell phone interference is your best bet to waylay seers. Or maybe he didn't have ESP, nah, can't be, he felt it coming, I saw it with my own two eyes.

Probably there is no casino or online roulette site that will let him play. Imagine him playing roulette. He's got ESP afterall, he knows what number is coming next when he wants to play online roulette it must be like taking money from a baby. Probably has a fit if his wife makes a cell call though. "I'm betting millions in here and I see the number and then you have to call your friend Betsy and it gets all jumbled! For the last time don't make cell calls when I play roulette online!"



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