Shaun Deeb booted from the Rio

Steve Freser is a good guy. If he took me aside and said I was about to get 86ed I'd be pissed, probably a lot more so than Shaun F'ing Deeb. Shaun F'ing Deeb is an online poker star who had some success in live play including a deep run in New Orleans. If Deeb prefer to play online poker versus the live variety things probably haven't changed if this video is any indication.

It's one thing to play poker online in the safety of your own home, but venture to the world seris and there's a chance you could be "poker punked." And a future Youtube star. Everybody's nightmare banned from the WSOP for life. Supposed casino video of you doing something you know you didn't do. Terrible situation.

However, the execution of this fell short of the mark. It was far less Punked (crashes and explosions and stars to shocked to sniff the con) and far more Bloopers and Practical Jokes (or Candid Camera with stars and without the cleverness). And the mark, Shaun F'ing Deeb, failed to deliver. Why not go after a hothead instead of a nice guy.

And, the tormentor, Steve, is way too nice a guy to Shaun. He should have heaped on, with lines like, "I'm just so disappointed" "I thought you were one of the good ones" "It's a shame. Are you doing drugs?" "You having problems at home." "I think they are going to get the law involved."

By the same token, I don't know if this should become a trend guys have much better things to do on their break then to get F'd with.


So this guy is doing good in a tourney and they pull him out of a good rhythm and make him miss hands and possibly pay blinds for this horse shit? I know why they dont get a hot head. Cause they might end up doing something that would really get them banned just from reacting to it. Dangerous game they are playing there.
C.S. said…
I think it was on dinner break. You are right though, a hot head while light years more entertaining for pulling a joke on, might just start hitting people. Still, maybe a personality a little more volatile than Deebs would have been a better choice.

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