Donkley and Doh!

Took 5th in the Donkley (yes I'm running good there), easily could have sat out one hand and been 4th... or better. The difference in payout between 4th and 5th wasn't much at all. The second short stack fired a button raise (which in his range is basically any two cards if the pot is unopened--he's a solid player who is tought to put on a hand). The SB calls--an unpredictable older gentleman who had a penchant for overplaying hands and being sticky. I look down at KQ. I have 4k in as the BB. The button raised 12 on top. I had about 20 behind.

The pot was about 38.5. I couldn't just call. It was ship it or fold.

The scary thing, with the way these two played, I could have the best hand. I ship. Call, call.

Flop is all babies. Old guy shoves. Button folds (?). He barely has 6 or 8 grand left. Pot is huge.

Old guy shows deuces. I got 6 cards to hope for and none come.

I played a little divergent from my typical strategy because a couple of the bigger stacks indicated they were going to be in it for the long haul. I figured I needed to gather some chips and gamble a little bit if we were going to play it out. I thought it was the right decision at the time, but sure enough they three way chopped after the dude on the button got eliminated. Maybe could have waited a bit and gotten some first in vig. I played a short stack all day, so playing one 4 handed wasn't scaring me.

As hot as I'm running, I'm seeing many of the same faces on the final table. One guy has made six straight playing whenever he can. It's crazy.

Let's see, suckout of the day: I make a terrible read against a player protecting his hand vs. a straight draw (? maybe) on the board with a massive overbet. After two checks he shoves. I had a gutterball with my pocket 6s. I thought he might have overs and just be trying to take it down. He did have overs. Two kings. Turn brought me a third six. I told him how well he played the hand but he wasn't interested in a compliments as I stacked his chips.

Also, got quad 2s but got nothing for them. K hit the board, and though I prayed for an A on the river it never came. River bet wasn't called.

Alright, that's a bit of a wrap.

No it's not, heres the Doh! Played some cash and after folding for two hours, I flop top-top (AK). I put my opponent on a set, paid off two value bets and he had a set. The information was all there. Knew he was a good player. There were muliple players in the pot and he fired two reraises on the flop and turn. I am stupid. Even better, cue criticism, my fault for limping AK. He was an old guy so he might have folded his 33 to any raise. Oh, well. I got felted shortly thereafter playing tournament short stack poker, and left up for the day but steaming a bit over that final couple of cash hands.

Also from today:
Jackpot is IMMENSE. Do not hit it unless I'm at your table.

Hornets might be resigning Pargo, because he's back at the 2-5 game.

For you sports gamblers out there the U.S. Soccer team is about to start the ir defense of the Gold Cup (or regions version of the Euro cup). You might see some tantalizing odds based on their strong performance in South Africa but don't take them. We will be fielding a mostly B-team.


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