Donkley Update

Quick poker account of the Wednesday Weekly.

Day of weird hands on wednesday. Went all in with 33 called by 33. No freeroll for either of us on the flop. Weird for me to shove and for him to call as we were both in early positions.

I'm in the sb with AQ looking to ship. Guy raises. Button reraises. I stew. I see the BB looking to get involved. Um... fold.

BB ships it. First bettor calls for much less. Button folds and shows me AQ. First bettor flips over Q8. BB shows.... AQ. Weird.

Down to the two table merge. I get busted with AK, vs. A7 (we both shipped)vs. a guy who shipped because of pot odds with 58c, and move to the cash game. Yeah, clubs got there.

They have an aces cracked promotion at 4:00. At some point I'm sitting there thinking about what would happen if I got Aces right before four. I'm not looking at a clock or anything, but suddenly I'm looking at the Painkillers. Kind of feels like we might be getting close to 4.

Got two aggressive, big stacks on my left who have been raising any limped pot. I limp from UTG. Nope... as is often my luck at that moment they are having a conversation and I see both contemplate firing over the top and then relishing their chatter too much muck. Arg.

Get a few callers, and I'm not liking it.

Flop comes out rainbow, Jack high and just ugly.

I bet. SB who checked, raises. He hadn't made a move all day. AWESOME!

I tell myself I need help. Call.

Turn is a dud. I check, call.

River is another blank. I check he fires out a value bet.

I pause. I open my phone it says 3:57. Wow. Exactly what I played out in my head. I at first just stall, pulling a GeneD in a mega.

Then I ask the dealer, if I can win the Aces cracked if the hand doesn't finish until after 4:00. He says yes. I tell the table I'm going to wait 2 mintues. I ask my opponent if he has me beat, because I'm going to call at 4:00, so if he's going to lose the hand might as well do it now and save everybody some time. He totally doesn't know what to do.

Alright, he's got to have it.

One guy jokes he should call clock. I contemplate that scenario. If it takes floor more than a minute to get there, and a minute for the clock I might just make it.

After some time the floor announces, "Aces Cracked" I throw in the forty for the call and a second later the dealer is calling it in--which I can tell draws some confusion from the floor staff. It'd be like busting out a second into the WSOP. Weird because I was just thinking about that exact situation. Maybe I'm one of those players with ESP.

By the way, the guys engrossed in their online poker conversation, never heard me ask the table if they'd wait, and are surprised when I show my aces. I guess they thought I was making the longest $40 tank ever at a 1-2 table.

One last weird hand. Guy in the SB makes a biggish raise all us limpers call. I got Ax in mid position. When the last guy calls, the raiser is pissed everybody's called, just enough that I'm on to him. We are still in the aces cracked. I think he doesn't have Aces, because he wouldn't have been quite that peeved, but I think big pair.

Flop comes King high. He checks and everybody follows suit. Turn is whatever my second card was. He checks, a lady bets, I call, he min-raises. I also had a gut shot. Lady folds, I call. River is an A.

He throws out $50. I pick up the two green chips I won from a Xmas in July promotion and start to call. Just as I'm about to release them, in my mind I see pocket Kings. I can't pull back in time and they drop to the table. Sure enough KK. Very weird moment. I had forgotten about the preflop look he made, as like a fish, I focused on my own hand. It was like it all made sense in this subconscious moment that pierced me consciousness as I threw in the call. This image of a set just splashed across my cerebellum.

I'm usually very deliberate, don't know why I acted so fast. Anyway, it was a weird moment too.


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