Ruling that Riles

So, I'm playing Friday night in the cash game. Action started quickly on the first hand as I look at two queens. As I'm waiting for my turn, I eyeball a guy I've played before, and preflop I can tell he's got a big hand. I can't tell you what he was doing to cue me in but I just knew. I bet, then he, on the button, reraises me. The reraise helped. I decide to flat and see what happens.

Comes queen high. Nice. He's got the jimmy leg. I bet, he calls--I think he's got an overpair. Suhweet. On the turn, I check, he shoves, I call. KK. River is Kingball. Fortunately he doesn't have too many chips.

So, I proceed to get QQ three more times that night and not win a dime with them. Didn't lose too much, all things considered so I'm not complaining.

Later as I'm mounting my comeback, a latin gentleman to my left who I've been playing with all day, gets into a hand with me. Every time he has a decent hand (not a great one) he'd make a quick call and spits out "CALL" with some force. Totally, a move he does when he wants to slow down his opponents--at least that's the only tactic I can think of. He always had second best when he did it. Maybe it's his venom at knowing he's beat but not being able to lay-down.

I get the painkillers, as Shoats likes to refer to them, and I bet, he insta "CALL"s. Hmmm. Flop is nontextured. I fire out a bigger than normal bet and it's "CALL!". The turn is an Ace. I slow down, I check he "CHECK"s. Now, whatever mid-pair he's got could be scared. The river is a brick. I stew, what will he call.
I thinking about the proper bet size and figure about 70. As I stack it and pick it up to toss it in, he says "CALL."

The chips haven't even crossed the line. I freeze.

We are both sitting deep. Could I shove my stack in?

I look at the dealer confused. I think about it for a while and decide me and the gentleman have been friendly all night, so why f 'em. I throw in the 70 I was about to throw in before and he laughs and says "PASS" and tosses his cards in.

I'm stupefied. I thought I was letting him off the hook and now he's stiffing me. There are no friends in poker. I look at the dealer and she calls the floor. Not sure what verdict should be for texas hold'em rules.

Bruce comes over and listens. His verdict, the "CALL" is the same thing as betting out of turn. Therefore, not binding. Whoa.

Sweet. So angle shooters out there, let's say you get into a big hand with a guy both of you are deep stacked. I advise while he's contemplating a river bet you say "Call." Then if he shoves (as that's the most value he can get) you lay down your average hand. If he min-bets raise. Totally, a dumb rule in my opinion and one open for exploitation--if you are the type.


I hate horse shit like that. I even hate when people tell you they dont have a certain hand and they do. Just seems scummy to me.

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