Main Event Update

Updated Gulf Coasters still alive in Main Event:

28 Tran, Thai Houston TX 1,707,000 B38 1
29 Patchell, Joel Atlanta GA 1,701,000 G153 8
33 Prendes, Alex Miami FL 1,661,000 B16 4
34 Brice, Jason Sugarland TX 1,637,000 G152 1
36 Johnson, Paul Combine TX 1,606,000 B20 5
41 Smith, Jordan College Station TX 1,486,000 B46 4
46 Fair, Ryan Ft. Lauderdale FL 1,372,000 B23 3
63 Wiseman, Royal Waco TX 1,198,000 B42 3
75 Tamayo, Jonathan Humble TX 1,040,000 B28 5
103 Calderaro, James Venice FL 745,000 G150 8
124 Rosenkrantz, Jose Miami FL 630,000 B44 9
146 Bilzerian, Dan Tampa FL 491,000 B28 3
149 Vazquez, Roy Jacksonville FL 444,000 G150 6
153 Teens, Edward Trion GA 421,000 B26 6
154 Catalano, Brent Atlanta GA 413,000 B40 8
161 Nguyen, Viet Houston TX 363,000 B36 3
164 Smith, Paul Cape Coral FL 348,000 B22 2
177 Newman, Clayton Athens GA 244,000 B20 1
180 Cloutier, Eric Quebec ON, Canada 212,000 B44 4

Don't recognize a lot of these players? Well most of them are poker tournament veterans. They've probably played more poker tournaments than many veteran name pros you've heard of. No doubt most of them are younger. When you can just sit down at your computer to play poker tournaments and multi-table online poker tournaments on two or three screens it's easier to get tons of experience in a short amount of time. It's entirely possible these young gulf coasters decide to play poker tournament action 10 to 12 hours a day.

Some people say it's not the same, online poker tournament vs. live, but looking at the results at the WSOP the last few years and all the players being young the argument it doesn't translate is harder to buy these days.


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