Taking Orders now...

Alright here are some bad photos of some our gear. Better photos coming.

Help support Gulf Coast Poker.NET by buying some gear. I think the logo came out pretty sweet.

The hats come in black. Logos can be red, (San Antonio Spurs) silver, or Saints Gold. The gold one is a good alternative to your typical Saints Sunday game day Fleur De Lis. Hats are $25 a pop. Silver is my favorite. Red is sharp too, though.

Don't stop with just a hat. We are also selling hoodies. Your choice zipper or unzippered. Hoodies come in Navy(red logo), Gray(red logo), Black (red, silver or gold logo). Hoodies go for $35 up to XL. Sorry big boys they charge us more for 2XL and 3xL ($40.00)

I know these photos are turgid. We should have some T-shirts and other stuff soon enough. Drop me an email at Wildbill (the "at" sign) gulfcoastpoker.net if you want to order. We do paypal but you have to pay their juice. Otherwise we accept checks or cash. Shipping is on your end too. Best way is to schedule a drop off at a tournament.


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