Dan The Man

Dan the Man...

Last week we just discussed Dan possibly blogging on GCP. This week he's the chipleader 10 handed. Yes, right now in the New Orleans WSOP Circuit Event Bayou Classic he's hours away from another final table (after final tabling at the Beau). Go Dan!

It's funny, I quasi advised him not to buy into the Main Event. Glad he didn't listen. Though, I did say, "Are you here to play? Then play." That was before I asked him about some other poker matters and changed my tune a bit advocating a little bit of caution.

My wife and I met him for dinner and I enjoyed getting to know Dan a little better. (He's rocking the GCP hat which he told me he'd wear when he wins the whole kit and kaboodle tomorrow and they take some pics). Dan's a great guy, and I always root for the nice guys to finish first.

After dinner, he woke up to pocket rockets... shortly after cracking them and sent Shaun Deeb to the rail and now sits on the biggest chip stack. GCP good luck continues at the Bayou Classic!

BTW, Pokernews and pokerpages are both doing a great job with their updates. I'll probably be sweating Dan from the rail tomorrow if he can hold on to his chips. Would be fun if you could gamble on the final table. Gambling makes any contest more challenging.



Flaeme said…
Thanks, brother. I love the love I've been getting from the whole GCP crew. 3rd going into tomorrow, and I'm stoked. I went out drinking with a few tournament dealers and people and really took the edge off. Hats off to Steve for making this a great tournament structure to really reward the good players. Time to get at least a top 4 finish tomorrow!

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