Rivers vs. Duke, Celebrity Apprentice Fireworks

I talked with my in-laws earlier this week about Celebrity Apprentice. "I hate ANNIE Duke!" my sister in law said. "I can't stand her," my mother in-law agreed. Oh.

Joan Rivers who for 90% of the show is likable (she's the only one who gets out of saying who should be fired most of the time--this past week an exception), has won a place in their heart. I guess. Maybe the dislike her least. The whole "POOKAH PLAYER!" rant, I hope wasn't met in agreement.

Last week, Annie did nothing but set herself up to make the final. Of course her self-loving and pride was poured on a little too thick. You can't fault her for rejoicing in beating Clint Black at his own game (writing a jingle) but the unrestrained jubilation was a little thick to say the least.

I hate when big time pros over celebrate a hand because their opponent lost it. Professionals should be above this. Duke, while not quite rubbing it in Clint Black's face, came close to it. Yes, Duke is full of herself, but she's also the only one playing the game.

Jesse James has hinted he was saving his Hollywood contacts for the finale, in the past, so there seemed to be a deeper game strategy at work his part. However, his unwillingness to drop the cool demeanor and to give, last seasons C.A. Piers Morgan, an interviewer who would influence who the final two selection, the answers he was looking for showed James wasn't in it to win it.

Duke clearly was. Her game skills and positioning of herself would probably make her hated by her peers if she was in the business world, and her willingness to be cutthroat when it matters gives her a HUGE edge vs. her finals opponent Joan Rivers.

Clearly, Duke was most deserving and clearly it didn't matter if Jesse James or Brandi Rhoderick was second most deserving. The finals had to be Joan Rivers and Annie Duke and NBC and Trump are waiting with glee about the fireworks that will ensue.

Here is footage of Annie Duke finally fighting back:

I think Joan should brush up on her poker strategy and her game strategy if she is going to have any chance of winning the Celebrity Apprentice.

And NBC has renewed the show for next year. Please Phil Hellmuth find the time. Or Layne Flack.



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