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Some thanks yous. Again, thanks go out to the Honest Player and Southpaw Rounder for getting Byron and Ray to contribute to the logo. Also, thanks Byron and Ray as well. Very happy with the final product. Thanks again to the Mighty Mac who put the final touches on a truly collaborative effort. Taking my scrawled concept drawing and tweaked all the way to the end was an nice evolution to watch.

Got the rest of the hoodies in, so bloggers contact me when you want to pick them up. Should have the rest of the hats in tomorrow. I got three testers done (as seen in the pics below), red, gold, and silver logo. Red comes out best, and is what we are making most of them. But we'll take orders in most colors. If you got a request, we might be able to do it, too.

I'm ordering another batch from some folks that want to buy some gear, and might have them done by Monday. So, get your order in if you want one by then.

Okay, enough, Gear pimpin...

Congrats to Kai, Southpaw Rounder, Honest Player for cashing (the latter two both cashed in their new hoodies, the first still waiting on his but it's coming. Kai must think I'm a ghost we keep missing each other). Also, good job Monk on all your deep runs.

Looking forward to the Main Event where David Anderson will be representing our satellite tournament. Usually it's for the Real Main Event but we came just short of the necessary players to pull that off so awarded second and third place cash prizes and David the New Orleans 5k Main Event. We'll be pulling hard for him. Hopefully, he'll remember us little guys when he wins it.

Personally, I've been running bad. I haven't looked down at a pocket pair higher than 9s in any tournament I've played in. AK has been a rarity too, might have seen it once. AQ once and AJ once (my elmination hand vs. QQ--did flop three clubs to go with my Ace and a Jack... but bricked turn and river). Fortunately, I get spanked by the deck in the satellites so I'm freerolling all the MTTs basically. Though the one time I got AA, I had to pitch it post flop (board kk7). Guy showed his K6.

Not losing money but not winning anything. Seems to be a running theme in my poker life, card dead in the wrong places and on rushes in the smaller buy-ins. Can't complain too much though because some people have been just card dead period.

I have to say in the tournaments, I've survived fairly well, just bluffing at pots or making correct thin calls. My apparent tightness (when you look at 9-2 every two hands) also gives me a lot of blinds and antes with little friction. If I were playing me, I'd call any preflop raise, and reraise any c-bet I make because the flops I've seen can't be further from my hands if the dealer were picking the cards from the 42 in his hand. The only hand I regret is a thin call I didn't make where I could only beat a bluff. My gut told me I was good, but I didn't pull the trigger. Post hand... the guy pretty much tipped me that he was on air, or a nut flush on a paired board where he might not been able to call a shove. I didn't shove because... so many people can't pitch flushes on paired boards, but I think he would have. Besides, I doubt he even had that after the fact.

Also, made a mistake in not open shoving KQ suited and allowed a button re-raise to get me off my hand when she had A10. She probably would have called the shove and I would have been behind but it was at a stage in the tournament I'd be willing to gamble because of my dwindling chip stack. Not shoving allowed me to wonder if I was dominated and made me fold knowing I still had chips to play. Course if she had shown me AK, would I have then thought I made a good laydown? Not sure.

The rest of my tournaments will be dependent on satellites or cash games. I keep freerolling I'll keep playing.

I'm expecting a massive field for Friday night's 9pm tournament. I have a couple of part time players that are circling that event and I think there will be a big prize pool for just a 200 buy-in.

I've found the cash games to be randomly odd. I've sat at two tables that were nitfests, and one that was a shovefest with almost any two cards. Of course, at the time none of them were games I was looking to play. The nitfests, I can usually exploit, if I'm willing to dedicate the time to it, but on those I had short windows before the tournaments. The wildgame I felt I had edges on a lot of players and wanted to see flops with them, but wouldn't get the chance. I think I'd like to play pot limit hold 'em cash games may need to brush up on my online omaha poker in the meantime..

Oh, and one other thing. I want to apologize to some folks who have asked me about hands. A couple of times within earshot of players from my table, I've flat out lied to friends about what I've held, in case one of my opponents was listening. So, in the theatre or poker room, my recount of the hand might be entirely different than outside of it or on the phone later.

Anyway, see you guys at the tournament and good luck everybody!



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