Busy Weekend

So Eddie Baby was in town.

Got plenty of jazzfest, poker and a little disc golf in there. The eating, as always is the best part of the fest, and my one day joining him there the wife and I tore up the food booths. I try to get something different every year, this time it was Jamiacan food. Jerk Chicken, jerk chicken patties were good. While waiting in line though I eyed the african chicken skewers and spinach and know what I will try next year. Think it's Gambian food. The Duck Po-Boy which I loved last year, disappointed.

The wife tried a Vietnamese dish very similar to one at a restaurant Gene introduced me to. She loved it at jazzfest. When I tried to get her to try Vietnamese food she didn't like it. I'd say they tasted exactly the same. Least she'll give it another try, maybe. She was in heaven with her Fried Green Tomatoes and Iced Tea a little later.

We decided to watch some Bon Jovi, a band I'm not really a fan of per se, but one who I debated with Ed is probably one of the most successful of any band since 1980. Like Aerosmith, and to a degree the Stones slightly before them, Bon Jovi keeps having second and third acts. Rare to do in music. Usually subsequent teenagers are slow to embrace a band that was hot 5 to 10 years ago. Sure, teens "discover" Led Zeppelin around high school, but it's not new material Led Zeppelin is cranking out--it's classics.

Granted most of Bon Jove's is fluff pop, done worse with each passing year, but those guys stay relevant. I realize it's not so much kids buying it but their parents still listening but that says a lot when consider a band like Pearl Jam struggles to retain fans with their underproduced new stuff.

Most of it probably is jon bon jovi's ability to draw a camera or stay out there, either through acting or owning a successful sports franchise, and you look at them in the context of 20 years and there are few bands that can say the same. U2, Aerosmith has hit in what 4 straight decades, Kiss (kind of, more as a touring band than a hitmake since say 1993), anybody else (must be a band)? Probably a few more but not many.

So, with that mindset I prepared to enjoy the band that everybody else gets. I think of the first 7 songs I enjoyed, one maybe two. It's a shame because I think the rest of the crowd just couldn't get amped either and Bon Jovi could feel it. Just wasn't happening. I think everybody wanted the old hits and not the wafer thin tripe they are producing these days.

Jon said some great words about the resilency of New Orleans and mentioned some of the charity they did immediately after Katrina, and of course I rooted for them more but after 45 minutes we decided to beat the crowds rather than wait for the hits.

Ed and I also took on Kyle, the baby-faced bad beat jackpot killer, and his buddy Jonathan in 24 holes of disc golf at Lafreniere Park. Ed and I also stole away to play another round. When it was just Ed and me, I made three birdies in a row, and later on a hilly hole we each took two shots and both of mine had hole-in-one potential. I birdied them both.

Course as a team playing best ball (disc) I don't know if we made any birdies. It was par after par after par. We won the first 8 in our side wager, getting shots and winning outright, lost the second 8 playing even, and chopped the day by losing over 24 but winning the last 8 with the handicap. Sports is always more fun when you are gambling on it. Even if nobody wins anything.

I figured we'd come in as dogs as I've played once or twice in years, and Ed even less. Thanks to an early tee-time, and by tee time I mean when we agreed to meet, we jumped on them early, but when the course lengthened up our arms were shot. Probably will look to play a little more this spring.

next post back to the poker...



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