Main Event Update...

Dead Money Tournament Champion David Anderson gave it a great run yesterday. Seated at a loaded table that include Michael Binger, the world's loosest player Soheil Sommesadenorother, and another pro with slightly less eye-popping results, David held his own.

Anderson played three memorable hands with Michael Binger. On an A22xx board (with three hearts) David made a huge river call with AQ to split a pot. He also doubled up through Binger with top two pair on a QJx board when Binger called with Q10 (?). Later he crippled the Ultimate Bet patch wearing pro when he nimbly tiptoed through a hand inducing a even looser call from Binger.

David ran into a similar problem as Tex last year. Nine hours into the tournament his table lost exactly 0 players. Binger was the first to fall. Soheil Somethingorother stack went up and down like piston but he didn't get knocked out.
Late in the night David got moved to another table to suddenly be a chip dwarf. The pressure was quickly applied and he headed to the rail, a victim of circumstance as much as anything else.

Saw today that GCP friend Dan Walsh is hanging in there. Before I left yestereday he was still contemplating playing, so far it looks like he made the right decision. Unfortunately, Kai Landry could not follow up on winning event 15 (which I took 12th in) with a Main Event win. I'll write about Gene D, Kai and my deep runs when I get caught up on something other stuff I put on hold to play poker 10 hours a day the last week or so.

For now, congrats again to Monkey for more cashes, Davey Bourg two cashes, Parfait (one cash), Gene D's cash, Kai's win, Brandon Jarret's 4th place (it's all pot control Bill), and a stellar week for GCP bloggers in general. Doesn't look like any of the bloggers need poker school any time soon.

Will be back soon.


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