Dream Team Poker

Gene and I are talking about playing in the Dream Team World Series of Poker Event in Mid July. Or perhaps helping the buy-ins to a team that agrees to wear Team GCP jerseys if we can't make it. Obviously, bloggers would get first preference, and by helping it wouldn't be much but it'd be a little something.

That is an event I'm really looking forward to playing and I'm happy and surprised the World Series snapped it up so quickly. Hopefully, future tournaments will incorporate it into the schedules for a couple of events. I think they'd get a big participation and take some edge off all the midweek seriousness you get in a typical tournament. You get three players and there are two prize pools. One for the top finishing individuals and a seperate one for the top finishing teams.

The reports from all the pros that played it was it was the most fun they had playing poker in years. The team concept gave even more of a sweat for the guys on the rails. Also, there brought several different strategies into play. On one hand does a player simply try to survive to ensure team money or does he try and win the event.

You could see all sorts of tactics be based on the two tournaments in one effecting play. I believe eliminated players are allowed to discuss hands and strategies with the remaining players so their input is still worth something.

Many people trade percentages of each other, this would essentially be the same except it would be out in the open. I'd imagine a lot of players would also trade shares of the individual prize pool too.

Course, collusion and or chip dumping is next to impossible as the team portion is usually decided before teammates get to the same table and all table breaks are done being mindful of that dynamic. If the WSOP event is anything like the one recently completed at Caesers despite the small buy-in a lot of the top pros may be participating. Too much fun not to.

I also imagine side prop bets are going to be off the chart for this tournament. As well they should be.

This is definitely a event I'm excited about, and if I make it out to Vegas in July I'm going to try and plan my trip around it. I wonder if anybody is offering team poker strategy, and I mean LEGAL team poker strategy. Definitely will bring fun elements to the normal game of No Limit Hold 'Em.



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