Ups and Downs

Got away from 2nd best hand a lot in the Harrahs tournament today. Then, I ran into AQ on a Q high board. I had QJ in the BB. I got away again. Next hand KQ in the SB. Tight button raises. I call. Flop is Queen high I'm short stacked. I check he bets. I call. Turn is a brick. I realize I can check call for the rest of them or shove them in there (like I should have done on the flop). I push he calls. AQ again. Oh.

Then I burn through 3 buy-ins in the cash game. Guy chased to river a flush on my trips. Made a call against the nuts with a redraw that wasn't a redraw. Guy shoved the nuts on a small pot. Why would he chase away his customer. I called yet my spidey sense was tingling--that's what he wants you to think. It's just odd because, I wouldn't think my image would justify a bet like that. It worked so maybe I out-leveled myself.

Then I go on a bit of heater. Walk out a decent winner including tourney buy-in and Monday night's loss I was chasing too. Pretty good day.

Lots of good photos of the wedding on facebook albums of my friends. Weird a month ago, I would have sneered at facebook, now I have to admit I'm a little hooked. You can completely keep up with people without ever having to talk to them. What could be better? They got a picture up, oh, there's their new kid. There's the lack of 40 pounds they sweated off. All that good stuff.

When I used to be a party promoter and made a living off of bulk evites this would have been so much easier. We had a rule that every guy to get an invite had to invite two (or was it three?) girls to the party. Doing something like that through facebook could make superficiality really easy. Those were different days though.


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