cash wins, tourney beats

Yesterday I played my weekly double.

Did fine in the morning tournament at Harrahs. I looked down at Queens and had a bad feeling. Evil man shoves with JJ. I call. Suicide Bomber scenario that used to always knocked me out. Da Rock of Aces was dealing and threw the Jack in the door.

A guy I regularly final table with tells me after the hand he folded a Queen. I said you should have said it during it and I would have had a shot at the case queen. It always comes once somebody announces there is only one left in the deck.

I left Harrahs pretty unaffected by my "bad beat." The last two times I final tabled I hit my set on overpairs... so it happens. Then I realized I was fine so why was I leaving.

All the folks that went busto in the tournament were hitting the cash games on Tilt. Just like Monday night after that Saints debacle. A room full of tilters... easy money. Now, if I was tilting I just go home but this time why leave?

I crushed the cash game. Made some tough calls with hands I had to call with. Twice I did the annoying verbal freeroll (I hate it when people do it) and put my opponent on the few hands that could beat me. They didn't have it. On guy said, "You play too tight to call that."

Took down my second big win for the week though I burn through a stack and a half of reds with big hands that were second best (again) before I left.

Won at Boomtown's limit game and freerolled their tournament. AJ lost to A10 and I went home after a pretty good day.


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