Circe Regnet Tonate?

Thomas Wyatt.

He wrote the poem below.

Circa Reget Tonate--means the thunder reverberated through the realm. It references an ancient Greek poem.

Wyatt's imagery refers to a crisis of his time: a King with a bit of matrimonial bloodlust (and incidentally turned the Christian world upside down because of it). Wyatt's viewpoint was from his literal viewpoint in the Tower of London as Ann Bolynn was beheaded by Henry the VIII.

However, I think the poem works well with the state of affairs facing the country now. Literal in places becomes figurative, but still a lot of it works. Anybody that thought I wrote it. Thanks but not true.

Okay... nothing to do with Poker there. Looking forward to Gene D recounting his conquest of Shortys. Sounds like he had a night and a half.

Played Saturday at Boomtown and saw some odd things. I bubbled two off the money. Fun.

Card dead all morning, and just kept waiting and waiting. Made moves to keep my stack from sinking into the felt but that was it. Not the kind of place you can make any big bluffs at. The pot gets to be a certain size, they'll call you regardless of the board. So since I couldn't manufacture any big pots I had to settle for small ones.

Big day is Saturday so this may be last post til then. It also explains why the has been barely updated. Running short on time getting all the last minute details done.


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