Women are the Rake

See Reid's comment on the post below.

Last night after the Saints game, with an open-ended time frame (no trapping here because of ladies) I met up with the Tiltin' Texan, and cash game specialist Joe Busch at Harrahs. I lost half my buy-in with two pair on the first hand. Guy had a weird tricky straight. And this time my read was right as I minimized my loss. Then it was smooth sailing. Despite being down to less than a 100, I got dealt hands and they held and this morning I walked out a big winner.

Got a new Harrahs hat when I coolered a guy. I had 8s9s. Flop was 10d7s6s. We got it in after some action, he said, "I got a straight," I said, "So do I with a redraw." On cue the turn was the 5s. Ouch. Was just thinking I hadn't gotten a straight flush in a while.

Called a guy down with King high, Jack kicker to beat his King high crap kicker. So I was playing good as well as running good. Course it's a lot easier to play good when you are running good.

The Texan crushed it too. People were calling him tight and me loose. Odd. I definitely opened it up a bit and put a lot of money in play. Definitely won money I wouldn't normally have won, and lost some pots I wouldn't normally be in either.

Kept thinking of Negreanu's advice to not leave the table too soon when you are winning. I stayed a few extra shifts and exploited my table image. It was odd I kept showing down crap hands and people kept giving me respect and thinking I had the nuts. A big stack helps. I got real tired and saw one of my stacks disappear in short order and decided I was gone after a rotation, and told the table I was only playing 4 possible starting hands. Fortunately, I didn't even have to make a decision when I got 10-2 o/s and the like. When the two of us picked up, we had probably the majority of the chips on the table. In fact, Tex made a big profit on one his last hands when I said I was getting up before the BB hit. Guy bluffed into him. He had QQ and called him down despite some scare cards.

Terrible night for the Saints. Good Morning for us though.



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