Family, Family, Family

Been on a bit of a hiatus.  If you come here just for poker you can skip this post because I really haven't played since Vegas.  Actually, here's a couple of paragraphs since this IS a poker blog:

Poker Items...

Did get in two weekly tournaments at Harrahs and bubbled one.  Trishelle of Real World fame played the other and took second.  We shared the same starting table.  She played pretty decent and I think stole a couple of pots from me in position. With the other weak spots at the table I wasn't really in the mood to test her with some check-raises or play back given it was the early levels.   Boards were dry and it felt like she was thieving.  If she keeps showing up to my "honey hole" and her steals becomes a habit I'll be happy to play back at her in the future.

Turns out the IP isn't taking the 3% juice out of the initial tournament fee so the increase isn't quite as bad as I thought it was.  I plan on trying to get there to satellite into the 1k and Main Event.  May be tough, I have a couple of things this weekend that I'm not sure I'm going to be able to slither out of, one being a birthday of a rather close family member and the other an engagement party of a good friend.  We'll see how things shake out.  Oh, while on I'm on poker, and I should have led with this please click this link and help out a family in need from our community.  We'll get more on our front page soon enough.  Okay on to all the other stuff.

Beach Baby...

After the trip to Venice, Florida with my wife's family, I had a wedding in New York where I saw a lot of college friends, and then another trip to Florida (Pensacola) with my family.  Been busy, busy, busy... not being busy.  We had 7 kids under the age of 7 in a couple of condos.  We celebrated a lot of birthdays including my grandmother's 95th, and met my sister's new fiancee (whirlwind romance variety).

My (almost) three year old had a blast spending some time with three boys close to his age, and his two girl cousins.  I got that first bittersweet parent moment where he was like "Get away mom and dad I'm busy with people my own age."  My baby girl got her fill of little kids in her grill and got sick.  Never seen so many kids interested in a baby.  The experience was great for them both though.  My baby definitely enjoyed crawling on sand.  Much softer than the wood and terrazzo at home.

Seems like we can't chose a vacation spot that has a decent wireless signal or internet connection.  Venice, FL felt like outer Mongolia, the condo in Pcola was slightly better depending on the time of the day but also just randomly cut out without me knowing.  Discovered half of the emails I sent from there didn't go through.  My apologies to those who I missed.  Also, thanks to Gene for tending to the site and cleaning up some loose ends in my pronounced absence.  Looks like I missed a lot.

First Michael Phelps Reference

It felt like it rained whenever we got out to the beach.  Not cool.  When you start lugging stuff for all those kids you want as few trips as possible in and out of the condo.  Quickly learning that vacations with kids aren't really vacations for parents.  When we did get those precious few beach moments with sunshine it was worth it.  The pool also a lot of fun.  Still seven little ones were difficult to manage.  I understand the herding cats analogy.

My nieces are future Michael Phelps'  setting records in their hometown swimming, and doing it up an age group.  My brother's height and big feet come in helpful in those genes.  I remember when he was placed up two age groups in baseball due to his size and was slugging home runs like he was the oldest kid not the youngest.  I often wonder how good he would have been in that sport had we not moved to Germany for four years and him never playing the game at all while there.

Young at 95

Awesome to celebrate my grandmother's 95th birthday with a surprise party of 40 or so.  She's rather stoic and would be a great poker player if she wasn't so staunchly against gambling (religious reasons).  Still, we think underneath her shades she got a little teary eyed.  She claims she doesn't want a big deal made about her but she appreciated the effort my mother put into it and I think she was delighted be the guest star for once.

Sister Getting Married

My sister is engaged and her fiancee got a full dose of my family.  The fact that one night we had at least four near deaf people yelling at one another, all those kids screaming at once, and the Olympics on full volume, I hope his hearing is recovering this week.  Got to be stressful to meet an entire batch of future in-laws in only  couple of weekends but Eric did great.

Olympics and Second Michael Phelps Reference

Partly because of the Internet issues and partly because of all the Olympic spoilers on Facebook and Twitter I didn't really check into social media.  I missed a lot of things... which I'll get into shortly.  Enjoyed most of what I saw but thought NBC butchered it.  We didn't get NBCSportsNetwork in the condo and most of what I wanted to see was on that channel.

I enjoyed seeing future "online poker pro" Michael Phelps get some more gold and I hope he retires soon.  If he does I think he can start embracing the poker game and worry a little less about his image and sign with a site.  Still, the endorsements will likely keep pouring in for at least another four to eight years so it may be sometime before we have a new face of poker.  Maybe it will be regulated by then.

Okay... going to dump a lot of info on the front page of GCP should be up by this evening time permiting.


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