Note to Self...

Another quick poker note. One of the purposes of this blog, that I sometimes forget is to track my mistakes, not just to get abuse from my entire reading audience (my mom and dad) but also to pound them into my head so I won't do it again. Sometimes I forget the obviousness of 1-2. There is no subtlety there. Matt Byrant hits on that a bit on his blog Pobody's Nerfect (I believe that was the slogan of a failed Nerf Golf game) which is a good read and like the Honest Player's blog will be linked on GCP imminently. Anyway, one mistake in my session yesterday was not betting my hand.

I get a little out of line with 5h3h. I raise it from middle position. I have a chip stack and depending on the action of the others it's a hand I'm going in with the intention of bluffing... or hitting and blindsiding somebody. Of course board texture will determine bluffing. I get a couple of callers and a min-re-raise. Guy calls the new total (24 maybe? I was leading out 12 a lot but could have been 10 and therefore 20). I join the fray because I've priced myself in with a bad hand but a possibility to crack a monster. Trouble is or, maybe, good thing is with most players the min-re-raise would mean AA or KK but this guy was doing this a lot with less.

I determine I'm priced in. Flop is 64K with one heart. Might get a hand here. $25 bet by the re-raiser follows my check. Next guy to act calls. Great... Priced in. Turn is J.

I check and the evildoer makes it $50. Next guy calls. There are both deep stacked. There is obviously some implied odds here to go with what I think is a decent price considering the pot size I think I'm somewhere between 5 and 6 to 1 on my money. Not only that I think I'm almost 20% to catch. I call.

I'm distracted by seeing one of my friends Alex T. walking out and I had wanted to say one more thing to him. He cashed out a big day after the tourney too. The river is the 7. I look back not expecting my card to hit and it had hit. I was hoping the re-raiser legitimately had a big hand like KK or so. Mr. Huge set could bet and I could felt him for another 3 to 4 hundred. Still I should have put some sort of value bet out there or an overbet bluff type bet (which I had earlier fell for). Instead I check.

Simply terrible. Bad Bill! Bad Bill! Do not check the nuts on the river in 1-2. Bet, they'll call. Bet, bet, bet. Sure enough, they've swallowed their balls back into their stomachs. Both have KJ for two pair and check it out. The re-raiser in incredulous that I call his $50 bet with my low straight draw when I show the winner. I told him to be thankful I didn't take another couple $100 off him by missing a bet. He still griped about it. I let you off easy buddy. I think, the only bad play I made was not reaping the implied odds that make the chase worth chasing. When you hit there you have to get paid OR you shouldn't chase. I'm breaking even making a 5 to 1 return on my money long run, not winning money.

So, note to self. Bet the nuts.


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