Turkey v. Germany

About to start. Turkey is so short on players they can't put up the three subs they are allowed.

Reminds me of an epic hardyball game in college, a weird UR intramural game which is like a fushion of flag football and ultimate frisbee. It's basically football from the hike and then rugby except with forward passes allowed at any point. In essence it is the type of game where being short a player would be lethal. Kind of like playing Keep-a-away 2 v. 3. Somebody is always open It also involves a ton of running as one play could cover the width and breath of a football field twice over, so subs are a good thing.

For playoff game, we showed up with a total of 6 players for some reason. You field 7. Our opponents had about 22 players. 7 on offense 7 on defense and a least 6 subs they circulated pretty regularly. Obviously, we won or else it wouldn't be a story. I realize this reference is about as bad I can make. Worse than an Australian rules football or cricket reference, but just trust me on this, winning down a man and no subs would be like a team of one-armed players winning a basketball game. It shouldn't happen. Trust me on this.

So, am I saying Turkey is going to win? No. But if Germany acts like our opponents, who finally took the lead late in the game and ordered their pledges to secure a victory keg (only to have us go 99 yards on the last possession FTW), and anticipate the finals before winning the semis the industrious Turks can pull off another shocker. Four years ago, the Greeks didn't bare any gifts and won a tournament where they were clearly outclassed talentwise because nobody took them seriously. They'd steal a goal and defend for 90 minutes.

This would be a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE upset.

I'm picking Germany, as I root for them. I think they'll come out flat and then win because Turkey's remaining players wouldn't sniff the fielded teams of anybody else still alive. Talent will prevail. I'm not counting out the Turks because I've been involved in the impossible happening but it might.

I like Spain tomorrow but I'm interested in watching the young Russian stud. For Spain, Torres is one of my favorite players and Spain, like the now gone Holland and Portugal, have been one of the more entertaining teams of the tournament.


Reid said…
i like the russians to win it all... why do the spanish refuse to play Fabregas until the last 20 min of every game?!? it's infuriating...

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