Played MSOP today

Satellited in. Arrived an hour late. Not on purpose though, assumed because the window didn't open when I was on full tilt the tournament hadn't started. It had. Finally an hour later it opens with my stack shorter and the "I'm Back" button on. What? Doubled up with Aces, which actually held. Got outplayed with a better ace rag then mine. Board had the Ace but was scary and big blind had more guts then me and fired an all in over the top after some action. I'm a nitdonk. From there I literally got a live action zombie session of 83, 72, 29, 49 for about two rounds.

Finally, I'm moving with anything before the blinds hit me, and for some reason I'm focused on something else and click fold with what for that table looked like the nuts to me 89 o/s. Argh. The break hits and I'm in the BB for half my stack when I get back. Yeah! I'm a nitdonk can't you read, I've already said that. We return and before the action gets to me we get a raise, a reraise, a shove and me with the healthy holding of K2. Great. Call. Shove, fold. AA vs. AK v. K2. Hmmm. I get a two. Other guy gets a K, and then wins with a flush. Fun.

I'm just a donk.

Also played BBTIII freeroll. Probably three quarters of the field didn't show. Of course I had a full table of live players, including one that liked AJ. I have JJ one off the button. I raise. He reraises from the button. I shove over the top. He calls though easily could have and probably should have laid down. Call could hurt him, but he's still fine if he lets it go.

You know how this one played out. I believe the Ace showed upped on the turn. Then I go to see how GeneD is playing. He's on a table with two players just alternating raising the blinds because everybody, including Gene, isn't there. Then he gets table switched and just one guy is attacking the blinds because nobody else is there. He's just hitting raise every time and stockpiling chips. There is a 2k prize for this freeroll. Gene would have had to very little to amass chips and go deep in this event. Probably only 40 or so live players (1/4 at my table).

I enjoyed playing the other bloggers and checking out their blogs while doing so.


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