Catch Up

What have I been up to? Have I played any cards at all? When will I be in Vegas? These questions answered and more in the latest, thrilling installment of the death of single Bill.

Went to Delaware, met my 2nd niece and got to talk to my first niece. My first niece calls me Uncle Bull, I like that. That's part of the reason I sometimes use the Bull picture on the page. The 2nd niece doesn't say much. She's not walking or crawling either. I saw the family and crunched a years worth of visits in one weekend. Surprising how much you can condense in a short amount of time. We were almost comfortable enough to fall back into the familar pattern of bickering around old sibling rivalries but didn't quite make it. I guess as you get older you get more civil.

Bad thing was, I didn't have time to call up old friends or really visit with anybody. Watched my brother graduate from his master's program. He only got a 4.0. He maintained a full time job, two infants, and was a full time student, and yeah got a 4.0. He also adds his adult soccer team took states twice while he was studying. This is the same guy who nearly failed out of college three or four times for not going to class. I believe my sister got a 3.8 or so getting her masters while working full time, so when I finally want to add some more letters behind my name best I can hope for is a push with the bro. May have to get a PhD so he has to call me Doc, even if I don't get the gpa he got.

My sister-in-law set up a card game for me when I was there too. Played a few micro tournaments winner take all. I came in second everytime. My brother's best friend was getting slapped upside the head with the deck. His J6 would crush my Q6, J8 would land a straight vs. my AA, and well, you know the drill. It was fun though.

My two year old niece, the one who calls me uncle Bull, sat down and took some chips. She wanted to play with the chip stacks and besides splashing the pots was better then many of the table mates you get at Harrahs. When she announced all the letters on the dealer's button, D is for Dog, E is for el-phant, A is for Amany (Amanda) and so on... I thought she spoke better english than many of the drunks at the felt. On one flop, she goes "Two Diamonds"... if she said flush draw I probably would have started training the next Anette right then and there, but two diamonds was impressive enough. Yeah, she's two. She's got no formal schooling, knows all of her letters, the suits of the cards, plenty of numbers and she's two. Her mom's a doctor and her father is my brother an engineer and a 4.0 student, did I mention they are smart?

When I got back, the fiance has had me on a short leash. Maybe it was seeing how nice my brother's house is but she's out for summer break and trying to redecorate our house, NOW. For some reason, she thinks the METH LAB CHIC thing I'm cultivating with the concrete flooring (ripped up the existing carpet but haven't laid the new flooring) is a bad thing. I wanted to stick with that theme and put some burn marks on the walls, and scatter the floor with empty cold medicine boxes, but she ain't having it. Which is fine but I keep spending all this money to improve and upkeep the place, but I'm not able to get out and earn anything. Never a good thing for your bankroll when money goes out and no money goes in. We put some paint up in our future master and the first thing she says is she hates the color. Ouch.

We've also been trying to shore up the nitty gritty details for our wedding like sending out save the dates. I think I may try and do an email invitation. Is that tacky? It is? Sweet.

Haven't even been able to play online. Had some freeroll opportunites that I passed up because I'm been running like crazy. Oh well, goodbye free WSOP seats. Speaking of which, I'm really upset because I might not be able to get to Vegas to cheer on Philly Tom in the main event.

Alright though. That's my whining and complaining for one week. I'm back and focused on the site and on poker this week. I think I might witness the Big Smoove's coming out of semi-retirement party too, so that's cool.


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