Been lying low

Played the shootout satellite for the Full Tilt Mini Series of Poker. Won my first table and then got a cold deck at the second table. They were giving away three seats and we were 7 handed. I got KQ vs. AK with a king on board. He limped preflop. That merely rounded out a series of second bests. Standard top two pair vs. a superchaser who got to his flush, and kicker problems when I'd hit top pair in the blinds. I managed to minimize the bleeding but eventually I was short-stacked.

I've been playing a lot of hands online recently, obviously not at Absolute or Ultimate Bet, and I feel I'm really improving as a player. Unfortuately, when I say improving as a player it's a very specific range. I've developed a successful strategy for multi-table donkaments which I don't think is as effective or even the right skillset vs. anybody but the standard low buy-in fields (sit 'n gos and mtt). Certainly, I think some things translate well, such as trying to minimize my coin flips, but live play you have fewer opponents trying to shove at every moment and less idiots.

I've been playing 4 tournaments at once and I find that keeps me on my toes, but I've had some bad experiences where all four require action on big hands at once. Usually, the four tables and my inexperience at playing them, has me tightening up my starting hands (with good results) as I try to focus on one or two when I got a good hand.

The worst is when we get short-handed or if I'm playing heads up on two tables at once with action required on the others. That really keeps me jumping, especially as I don't have a supermonitor set-up for multi-tabling. What I like to do is start a sit n' go if I'm heads up on one, because my sit n' go single table strategy doesn't involve much action ealy on.

A funny thing, in the book I'm reading now and I'm feeling like a high school student doing homework again, Bill Chen's Mathmatics of Poker, he refers to some guy asking him about how AQ always beats AK online. Chen informed the questioner about how the sample size was too small and other factors like not seeing all the AQ vs. AKs that may be happening in hands etc., etc., yet sure enough after reading that section I went through about a two day period where AQ would outdraw my AK every time. And any time it was shown down, I'd see AQ beat somebody else's AK. I started to think maybe that guy had a point. Especially when a knucklehead went runner-runner 10J to give him the queen high straight vs. me late in a big tournament.

Then when I watch pocket jacks go on a 4 day tear busting the Painkillers, Cowboys, and New York's finest burough, I really started scratching my head. Maybe that's why the guy at the Bayou Classic Main Event pushed with his Jacks. They always win online. Thankfully, that craziness abated for the next run of days, especially when I was holding the favored hands.

Anyway, been having some computer issues and have been traveling a little bit. Though I promise to be back with a vengence later in the week and finally put some focus on the just started WSOP.


GeneD said…
Thats it...Bill Chen put a curse on your ass HaHaHaHa
Anonymous said…
New York's finest borough is Kings, not Queens as I suspect you intended.

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