Some odds and ends before the weekend.


1. Homeless woman lives in man's closet, cellphones take pictures of cellphone thieves, and how technology is protecting you...;_ylt=AhonTyABGB_fiNspuHXfmu6s0NUE

They are so many ways you can adapt a cellphone or an iPod or any small electric device these days it's no surprise Harrahs prohibits their use at a Poker table. I enjoy listening to music when I play but... there really is no place for these do it all devices at a table.

2. Tywon Lawson at UNC got pulled over for drinking while driving. Turns out he didn't even blow the legal limit .08 (in North Carolina). Problem is he's a minor and any alchohol on the breathlyzer leads to an arrest. You want to bet if he wasn't exploring the NBA draft, the good policemen in Chapel Hill send him on his way with pat on the back.

3. People are creatures of habit. In the no-kidding, heavy sarcasm department, researchers spent a lot of money discovering that people drive the same route at the same time on most days. Yes, I think it's called a commute.;_ylt=Aj9d6.4nWfNXiWF2KuLAP.ESH9EA
1. Won a satellite for the MSOP of poker on Fulltilt. I think the Full Tilt Points satellites are the easiest games in existence. It was 4 handed after about 10 minutes and not a turbo. Sunday, I'll be playing in the Battle of the Bloggers and whatever that low-buy in event is I'm freerolling into.
2. Got in touch with Monkey. Thank you random reader at the Beau that gave him our message. We should have an update and some thoughts from him soon. Currently he and some Coast players are renting a house in Vegas. Hopefully his hot run is continuing.


Mutt Roode said…
Why should I care about some poker players on the Gulf Coast?
You shouldnt care mutt, your living an alternative lifestyle in San Francisco which no one here cares about. However there is a poker player by the name Vanessa Selbst that i think you would greatly admire

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