This time

Met up with a college buddy I hadn't seen in years. Parked in Harrahs to play some late night poker. Liked my table when I sat down and was surprised to see as many weak or borderline players there. Guy to my left was good and it became pretty clear we were staying out of each other's way.

Watched a dude chase two gut shot straight draws (wheels) to the river and catch. Hmm. He got a lot of chips and overvalued his Aces with middle and low kickers. Hello target number 1.

Got AQ suited. Raised from UTG. Smart older gentleman called. A passive caller called and then domino time. Big pot. Ace hits the flop and I just knew I was ahead--two hearts. I bet. Old guy calls, target number 1 calls. Threeway to the turn. Brick. I bet big trying to take the pot right there but old guy calls. Guy to my left says "He'll get what he needs on the river has done it all night." Target folds. I already knew I didn't want to see a heart but that cinched it.

River heart. I check. He pumps it all in. Used the same forcifulness he did when he made a set earlier. I know I'm beat. I fold the Ace face up, but conceal my kicker and he shows Kh10h. Money not lost is money earned right. So that's a win.

Little bit later this english guy sits down to my right. He straddles. I'm first to act, I got pocket 7s I call. Most of the table does also. Gets to him and he pumps it large. mmm. I'm getting about 2 to 1 on my money. I could call but I reckon he doesn't have a high pair and wants to drag it right there. I don't want to start another domino effect with middle pair so I reraise. I'm hoping he folds or just calls. I'm thinking AK but maybe AQ or AJ or even A10.

Of course he goes all in. Unfortunately, he's got less than the pot. I study him for a while and my gut tells me AK. I call thinking I'm getting a coin-flip paying out about two to one. Flop is K1010. K on the turn. 9 on the river (three spades). People want KK vs. QsJS or 1010. I tell him the pots his. He shows AK but demands to show my hand. Weird I called him but he never showed to the end... on a bit of a slow roll with that fullhouse and then wants to see what I was playing with. I show my 7s. Table is surprised.

Sit for a bit and get Kings. My favorite! I raise under the gun. Good old dude calls me. Target 1 in the small blind bumps it up. To me. I consider going all in but I really want a call here. I basically pot commit myself and double his bet. Good old dude gets way out. Guy calls.

Flop comes 2710 rainbow. He leads out I push my stack in. He calls. A4 offsuit. Turn is a 5. River is a 3. Dealer doesn't see the straight but one of the other players does and calls it out. I saw it. I get up and bid adieu to everybody. Happy with my reads but not my cards. Oh well.


GeneD said…
Dude...The rattlesnake debt was actually a poker related debt...go here to check it out

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