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Haterade said…
Wild Bill you are not, you are tighter than a 18 yr old nun.

Did I just read that right you halfway defended that Vanessa selbst play? You are second in chips at the final table and you get reraised by the CHIP Leader,all in 5-2 really? Maybe you are not so tight afterall.
C.S. said…
I'm very tight. That's the image I like to portray. That being said we all make our most money going opposite our image.

Am I defending her play? Maybe not halfway. I had forgotten she was second in chips, and I trust you are right about that, but i still see there is an opportunity for that kind of bluff. What hand do you call with? Aces and nothing else. I
Haterade said…
Sorry bill even she is embarrassed when people mention that play to her.(seen a couple of interviews) It was utter ignorance dont give her some kind of genious thinking crap. Not everyone you see make a tv appearance is a poker legend. You tellin me that players wont call off thier stack with less than AA, get real.
C.S. said…
I'm not saying it was a genuis play. I just theorized on the rationale behind it. It could just been blind stupidity--I don't deny that.

I've also seen an interview (Wicked Chops may still have it up) after her heads up run this year where she says she just did the same thing--successfully. So I'm not sure it was the play itself that embarrasses her maybe the wrong situation to apply it.

The timing was bad, but I'm not sure how many people at a final table will call with less then Aces in that situation. The fact that she is second in chips to the chipleader, to me makes it even more likely he folds everything but Aces, because why jeopardize himself if he's dominated. Easier to lay down and play another hand.

Yes, there are plenty of donkeys that will call off their chips with less than Aces but to attempt such a bold (or maybe stupid bluff) I would hope you'd be very careful in picking out your target.

Again, I'm not claiming to know if Selbst was trying that or not, but I could see that as her strategy. Didn't a guy at the N.O. circuit event a couple of years ago lay down Kings to a bluff in just that situation?
Haterade said…
i remember the great Antonio "the magician call off all his chips with KK .He couldnt make that great laydown to AA
E said…
One other factor of a possible decision to smooth-call is that if you do only call, the next player to act, well maybe he makes a loose call of the 53 more with a lesser hand, and then the 4th guy is priced in (247 in the pot already by that point). Here is where aces sweats. Any flop is potential trips against him and he can't put any of his opponents on a specific hand (perhaps you on Ks as the first caller). Of course, neither can you but it's an interesting scenario to think through and muse on how you would play it post flop if it went 4-way.

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