Out of Body experience

We all need them. Sitting at the table, the best possible medicine sometimes is to remove yourself from the play. Imagine you are observing yourself and the opponent and see what you might be missing or what you are giving away. How many times, have you seen somebody bet into the nuts when it was obvious to you (not in the action) the other guy has a MONSTER? Probably more rarely (because everybody that reads this blog is intelligent and a good poker player :) ) how many times have you done that yourself. I'll never forget betting into a guy with the nuts with a miserable hand when the guy next to me said he saw it as soon as the flop hit.

And yeah, this is me a guy who prides myself on being a good reader of people (I do pay the price for that hubris). Just like I couldn't get away from a guy who I put on a full house, playing with Lusky, and called with A high straight. He had pocket Queens. I looked at my AJ and the two jacks on the board and said he probably didn't have one of them. Had I been able to watch the hand from the sideline, I would have known, like Lusky, the guy had the full house, didn't matter which one, he had one. 10s would have made a lot of sense too, maybe more than the Qs he tabled. When I asked if he had KJ and he gave that fake glance of fear at the table I should have insta-folded, like I normally do, but for some reason I couldn't remove myself from the hand or myself. Everybody else knew I should fold, I knew I should fold but I was too close to the action.

I recently read an article where scientists are going to test the near death experience people have where they have an out of body expereince and are over their bodies in the E.R. before being revived. Somebody had a simple but novel approach. High shelves, with funny objects on the top shelf, that can't be seen by the patient below. Thus, next time somebody is revived and retells this experience, they'll probably remember the Viking Helmet and stuffed armadillo up near the rafters in the E.R. if they truly floated above the action. As a skeptic I await the details of this study eagerly. That combined with the information learned from the study linked below one may some day lead to poker players practicing our out of body skills:

Also in scientific news, astronomers have discovered a massive hole in the universe.


Basically there is the huge void of nothingness. No matter, no black holes, just nothing. I could have told them that. It was between my ears on Wednesday night.


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