2 losses in a row.

Actually not quite. Parked at Harrahs in the afternoon. Booked a small winner went to dinner with my college friend and a work colleague of his. After beers, hand grenades, more beers, watching a group straight from the office T.V. show drink a magnum of hurricane at Pat O's (3 gallons and $175) during their business bonding trip, I headed back to Harrahs.

Ran into Raceland Brian and we ended up on the same table. Two things: 1. I was very impressed with his knowledge of live poker and online strategy. 2. I was embarrassed at how poorly I played. I suppose early on I could blame the liquor for three or four just bad calls, and later not betting a flop and protecting my hand, but I rationalized things to myself and still made the bad calls. I just played dumb, no excuses.

The table was pretty ripe. There was a kid to our right who called everything, even saying "You can make it $500 but I'm going to see my flops." At one point he told me his was 1400 in. Seemed a nice guy, but he was getting aggravated and asked the dealers to speed it up because of the six dollar time rakes. I thought to myself, if you want to save money don't call $200 all ins or go all in with second pair, still an agreeable fellow. There also were a couple of guys who criticized me for not getting away from bottom set when someone else had top set. Brian quoted them a couple of other times to me and they seemed to only have a loose grasp of the game but they all had more chips than me. Though our table was juicey, the money seemed to chase guys making questionable decisions (not like I should criticize after last night) but the good thing is they were mostly all to our right.

Brian was a great help in reviewing hands, especially the ones I played badly, and sharing with me suggestions on how to bet them better. I know I'm not getting value on the river recently, and I know what I need to do, but hearing: bet fold in those situations, from someone else made it sink in.

I think I actually for the first time in a while surpassed my buy-in limits, so that's a bad night. However, even when I got into a dangerously small stack I was just enjoying learning from Brian. Here's a hand I played like rubbish. I got AJ with a small stack I bet, call, call (the guy that calls everything). Flop is A89. Check, check (me), check. Turn is a k check, I bet, 1 call, call station folds. River is a Q but brings three clubs on board. I bet. Dude raises, I fold.

Not betting my hand after the flop cost me big time. Had I, the call station calls (he was determined to see his "turns" too) and the other guy that beat me in the hand with the flush folds. Then I bet the turn and take the pot there instead of losing it. Really just dumb because why not isolate the calling station? I think I got greedy and wanted to triple up with a vulnerable hand (which is even dumber).

Also made a river call after putting a guy (all in for his last 116) on a full house (when I say putting him on full house there was no need for a read there he wasn't bluffing and his 116 was proof of that) and paid for it.

My reads were off. When I mean off, they just weren't on, didn't seem like I was gettting a feel for anyone. I saw a couple of acting jobs and I called anyway (yeah, I played brutally bad).

Alright time for bed.


Bad Beet said…
This Brian dude, does he have any books out or is he just a chatty cathy that likes to show people his poker knowledge ?

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