My blog has gone silent

But it won't be for long.

Sorry folks. Been out of town/vacation. Celebrated my Grandmother's 90th birthday and my own. I know I'm getting old, because at some point I became a third of her age. If I get to half, that's awesome for her but bad news for me.

Didn't mean to be a mute. I tried blogging through my phone to the website but I can't get it to work. I'm trying to find the pictures I sent that have gone to limbo. Blogger told me they'd be posted here. Now they aren't in my phone and aren't here. Weird. Was really hoping to get that to work to send chip counts during the Gulf Coast Poker Championship and take some "live" photos.

My grandmother didn't have online access, well she had dial-up that moved as fast as most 90 year olds in their Buicks. For the record my grandmother isn't one. She drives like she's got a lot of places to go and not much time to get there. I've been in her car as the local police have watched her pass about 10 mph over the speed limit and they don't even bother to ticket her. They recognize the lead foot granny as she speeds by yelling "C'mon Pokey," at her neighbors actually worried about speeding in front of the cops. That's the great part of being old. Sometimes you just get away with anything. Of course sometimes you don't. Fortunately for her she has all her faculties about her.

Anyway, I'll get my column up and try to fix my blogging via cell phone.


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