As GeneD mentioned on his blog on Monday we both played well and got beat by the cards. He at least salvaged a winner. I had a couple of memorable bad beats but everybody does. It's tough when things don't go your way to concentrate solely on the fact you made the right decisions and got your money in good. Don't be results oriented! It's even worse when the Monday night table is rockier than Mars because you only have a limited opportunity to get these guys to put all their chips at risk. You get those statues to move and then they suck out and it stings. That being said, I feel I played strongly enough and I'm just looking forward to this weekend and not focusing on the two outer or the runner-runner that ended my night. Instead, I should reflect on getting back to folding the second best hand as I had to do a couple of times on Monday. Minimizing your losses is a win. In fact, the only mistakes I made were a couple of missed bets at the river (still my leak).

I'll try and upload some pics from Biloxi. Hopefully, I'll be playing too much to have blogging time. In fact, i'm leaving in 20 minutes. Going to buy-in for tomorrow a day early and play that mini-tournament of sorts at Boomtown (3:00).


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