Weird Thoughts to come okay here they are... online poker hand analysis over...

Okay, I'm stepping away from online Texas Hold'em poker for a second to get to those weird thoughts. Perhaps, the title is flat out wrong. More like my opinions in general about sports and things, since none of them are that wrong.

***Heard they held a couple of poker tournament tournaments kind of head to head against the two poker casinos in southwestern Louisiana. I don't get that. Probably a lot of other players didn't either. Would be nice if either casino advertised with us, as we might have gotten a few more heads there to play.

***Commercial dude. Seems like this decade there is some actor who just becomes the go to guy for commercials. He usually has a somewhat goofy face or demeanor and maybe a great agent. There was this tall, dark haired, white guy showing up in every other commercial for a good long stretch. He's the king of commercials. Just say him in a new one recently so his reign isn't exactly over, but these other two guys started popping up.

First there was this black dude with a fro. He started showing up maybe in this commercial way back (2003)...

I haven't seen him too much recently but for a solid run he too was everywhere.

Now there is this guy...

He's in four commercials at once right now: Miller Lite, Twix, Taco Bell and State Farm. I guess I watch way too much television but Larmone Morris (if YouTube comments are to be believed) is putting in way too much time and stealing gigs from his friends.

*** Just saw on ESPN that nobody wanted to trade for Michael Vick in the off-season. The guys says it like the NFL front offices were stupid considering how well he's played. No... dumbass they STILL didn't want a guy that raised pitbulls to kill each other to be the face of their franchise. In Philly, that kind of behavior takes place in the stands where fans pit their six year old girls against one another during timeouts, so signing Vick was no big deal.

The rest of the league didn't forget that Vick was once all-world, the ultimate weapon, and the scariest football player on the planet. A few years in prison only protected his body. They need only look at Ricky Williams to understand years off from the game isn't the same as years played.

*** You understand the theory of relativity? Me neither. Though I do get that if you jettison an astronaut into space, away from gravity, they age a little slower then you do. The speed of time is relative depending on the conditions of your location. Now it turns out they’ve developed clocks so precise they can prove that altitude changes on Earth have the same effect. We’re not talking Himalayan mountains to a sea level dweller differences, but even more subtle such as a person on the second floor of your house will go through time slower than you do on the first. Granted over a lifetime it’s tiny bit of a second difference but it is a difference, and just another part of Einstein’s theory they can now prove.

*** I keep seeing people picking Auburn to win the SEC West because of their schedule. Have they not been watching the last three squeakers against Clemson, South Carolina and Miss State (?!?!?) to get to 4-0. Plus, any schedule with Arkansas, LSU, and defending national champion Alabama on it, plus the rest of the SEC teams isn’t “easy”. Just because they got a favorable home schedule means nothing when they are a team that just as much could be 1-3 right now.


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