GCPC Results continued Main Event Part I


MAIN EVENT MORE MOORER: Rusty Moorer of Crestview, MS returns to day two as teh chip leader with 117k. Neal harding of Louisville, KY is second with 116k. Three from Florida follow them up iwht Mark Rose of Orlando in third with 103k, Jonathan Stanton of St. pete in 4th with 101k and Michael Ferrell of Tallahassee, FL 5th with 99k.

Kai Landry, (pictured and look for his newest blog coming here soon), is just outside the top 10 with 65k. Chad Brown is still in the thick of things with 54k. David Rozas of baton Rouge, LA has 51k and is in a virtual tie with Captain Tom Franklin of Gulfport, MS. GCP blogger Jonathan Little is sitting a little over 41k. Mohammed Moeini of Biloxi is at 34k.

Lots of rooting interests for us here as Ricky King of Bilxoi is also still alive at 27k. Tim Kramer of Ocean Springs, MS is at 23k. Curtis Terry of Metairie, LA has 18.6k and is just ahead of Bilxoians Larry Toncrey and The Poker Moneky each at 14k. Jankiel Dychtwald of Covington, LA and Ronald Hines of D'Iberville, MS are also in the mix.


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