Gulf Coast Poker Championship and Lessons Learned part four

Anyway, that Texas Holdem poker game
table just got harder with Monkey joining it. Especially for me. The guys I was supposed to lord it over in position were the spots I was trying to avoid on the table. Bad beat.

I was initially talking about QQ being a hand that followed me around. I took this pretty bad beat of fate in one of the tournaments (the one I sold pieces of myself to my friends). The dealer gave me two ordinary cards which were in the insta-muck category. It was declared a misdeal.

While he reshuffled I had time to reevaluate and despite just being moved to the table I thought I should try and steal. Three steals per two revolutions and you can win a tournament, I know how to play poker, and I was getting short. I decided I was going to shove with any two if it were folded to me. The redeal went well and it was folded down to me.

I looked at an Ace and slowly peeled back to see a five ugh! I hate stealing with a weak ace. So many people are wise enough to call with A10 or better these days. I immediately regret the deal I made with myself. Then I said, no room for interior monologue just go with it.

It got to the big blind who snapped called as soon as the Small folded. QQ.
I also ran into that hand with AK when a King and a Queen hit the board. For some reason I felt beat, I don’t remember the specifics and chucked my hand. There must have been a flush or straight draw as I think I got away fairly easily.

In an earlier tournament, I had another talented player on my left (fun)… Mitch. I’ve played with and seen Mitch at just about every tournament and recall him deep in many of the same tournaments as me. I tried to avoid him and I think, again giving myself too much credit here, he was doing the same to me.

Early on we set the tone when I raised UTG with AQ o/s. Mitch stewed and three bet me. We were both deep. I decided I’d show him my cards and fold and see if I could get him to return the favor. I flashed AQ as I quickly folded and he showed JJ—which was literally the best I could hope for as I don’t see him reraising there with a weaker ace or 1010.

Actually, I wouldn’t have thought JJ was in the wheelhouse for that either but I can’t fault him for doing so. He was forcing me to define my hand and gave himself enough room to get out with JJ if somebody joined the fray after us or I came back at him. I don’t think we played a hand after that except for dancing around each other in the blinds when we had too.

He saw me play a hand rather strangely. A good player from early position raised. He got two callers. I looked at QQ. I saw a guy to my left gathering some chips which looked like a raise that was coming and I decided to just call and was willing to play for stacks if things escalated (obviously).

That guy changed his mind when I entered the pot and folded. Though the blinds joined in much to my chagrin. Precariously, I was six handed with QQ. That’s bad enough odds with AA. Flop was dry, untextured garbage. 2210 I think. Checked to me and I led out. Initial raiser called everybody else fled.

To be continued...


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