Pretty Good Day...

Chopped the Harrhas weekly four ways. Gave a little bit extra to the chipleader Bruce. Blinds had just hit 5000 - 10,000. You start with 5000 in chips. Had a lot of fun. Caught some cards, had hands hold up, and caught up when I was behind (once but against a buddy). Lots of patience throughout the day too, good c-betting and resilience to recover after I took a pretty big whallop mid way through.

Anyway, lots of fun to see a lot of faces and friends I hadn't seen in a while. Getting a sitter for the kid, and getting all my work done to get out midweek has proven to be difficult but I managed today.

John Price "is right" also cashed. I knocked him out when he woke in the big blind with qq when I had raised from the button with A7 suited and was commited to the pot. I felt bad but I would have felt worse if he had won it:).

I will probably dissect some hands or review it a little more in a little bit, but wanted to get up a quick post up here after talking to a few folks that read this regularly, just to say hi, here's how the rest of the tournament went, and thanks for reading!


keenan said…
Congrats! I hadn't checked the blog in a while and it was nice to come back to a win. Definitely post more details. I might be heading down to New Orleans for New Year's, so we should definitely hang.

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