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With all the chopping going on it's been hard to tell who has won what. This year the Beau added a survivor tournament to the mix but it turned out almost every tournament became a survivor tournament. We saw nooners being chopped not just at the final two or three players, or even at the final table, but at the final tables.

We've received a number of complaints about the structure turning the tournaments into "craps fests" in the later stages and had a couple of players complain about being "harassed and hotboxed" into chops they didn't want to make. So bare with us, the scores of the top few players in any of these events may not actually be as large as they won.

EVENT 1 NO HICK-UP: Thomas Hicks of Bluffton, SC was credited for first place. There was a chop of the 85k prize pool and it inovled Todd Skinner of Youngsville, LA, Frank Alpandinar of Baton Rouge, Brandon Spencer of Slidell, Rusty Moorer and Philip Walsh.

EVENT 2 RAMONA ROMPS IN FLORIDA TRIFECTA: Ramona Szmurlo of Milton, FL was credited with victory and 6.8k in the ladies tournament. Michelle Rusoo of Panama City Beach, FL was second and Chantale Cote of Destin, FL third. Faith Giordano of New Orleans, LA and Maria Lopez of Biloxi, MS made the money and the final table.

EVENT 3 MORGAN TRIUMPHANT: Timothy Morgan of Pompano Beach, FL was credited with the almost 35k first place prize. Blake Pool of Mobile, AL second for just under 19k. Cameron Ainsworth of Frogmore, LA 3rd for a little over 10k. Denis Devenport of Kennner, LA 5th for almost 7.5k. Leslie Roussell of Laurel, MS, Ed Bridges of Spanish Fort, AL, Kristen Deardoff, and Walter Chambers also cashed.

EVENT 4 CHARITY CASE: John Robinson of Brookhaven, MS (pictured by Eric Harkins of Imagemasters) won the Gulf Coast Community Foundation Charity Event which donated proceeds to help Gulf Coasters. We commend the Beau, Johnny Grooms, and the rest of the fine tournament staff for making room on their schedule for a charity event. Other tournament directors should follow their lead. Robert Ray of Hurley, MS, Eric Kaplan of Biloxi, MS finished 3rd and 4th respectively with John Riola creeping into the money.


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