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Let me put some of my own thoughts back into this blog. Course the story here is the success of David at the 7 clans. We met up with him on Thursday and offered him a spot on TEAM GCP after playing with him n the event. We'll set him up with a blog so I won't have to repost his thoughts here. He's a solid player who should do well, excuse me, is doing well with the deep stack of the main event. With over half the field eliminated David has the potential to get a big score. Considering he confided he was card dead on the first day I'm hoping he gets a mini-rush and can go even deeper.

Lots of poker this week.

Got another live cash and that was fun. However, it felt like Deja Vu all over again as the bubble to the final 20 (the money) consisted of three tables with my table being the only one knocking out players. Literally, with 29 left we were responsible for knocking out 8 to get to the money (yes, they were moving players over). I Outlasted 172 players and never really felt in any danger. My last hand was AQ v.s A5. Ace-five caught the flush to send me packing. Weird thing of late, I'll look down at a hand and just feel I'm going to go broke with it. I almost folded the AQ because of that feeling. As they chopped at 5 maybe I should have.

Later that night, when I was playing in a satellite, three handed and short stacked after I lay down AJ to a guy who basically told me he had pocket Js, I saw Kido Pham walk by. I said, "Kido what do I do?" Maybe the celebratory crown and cola had something to do with that. He said, "Go all in." I said, "OK all in." He got wide-eyed and said, "No, no," but just laughed when I didn't get a caller.

Also, saw Demetri Nobles who thought he knew Gene D, maybe he's a fan of the site(? what up man if you are), Tex Barch, Minh the Master, David Pham and others. Surprised there was more "star" power in Kinder than in New Orleans. The Omaha game they were playing was as big a games as I've seen anywhere other than Vegas. Loads of hundos in stacks around that table.

We also talked to Darryl a dealer from Harrahs, who is probably a better player than dealer (and he's a great dealer). He had the most cashes at the IP classic this year and he's thinking about doing a little blog for us with his perspective from both sides of the felt. I hope he does.

Met a lot of good folks from Texas, mostly Houston but some from Austin. I want to give a shout out to Avery who is a touring pro who I quickly respected for his play at the tournament. Also, to the tournament direct Tom who ran a first class event which really cater to the players. I must say, I was skeptical because of a bad experience last time, but I will be definitely be back for more tournaments. Tom said maybe he was starting a trend with his mega that gave away seats to every event and cash and I said, "I hope so." Other tournament directors should definitely follow his lead. I think he could have ran 10 of those things and gotten huge turnouts.

Today I played the Boomtown tournament and once again went busted with aces. I was two spots from the final table. I think that hand has knocked me out of that Saturday tournament at least 5 times. Today I dug my own grave a little bit, but in the past I kept having to call all ins with Aces in the big blind preflop.

Spoke with our own Tex earlier in the week and discussed a big hand he got involved with. After speaking with him, I ran the circumstances past a number of people and got slightly different answers every time. In fact, I'd have to say the aggressive Big Ray had the most conservative answer and that I probably agree with him most. If Tex okays it maybe I'll discuss that hand and some of the different viewpoints later.

I'm looking forward to Austin Martin's upcoming post about his friends run at the Bellagio which was a great story and should make for a great read. Hope people like the redesign of the site too.


dooleyera said…
when did you get your Aces in... pre-flop or post flop? regardless to get knocked out that many times with em is tough.

been a week since your last update. your loyal readers are dissapointed.

lookin to play some pokah in Jan....down in nawlins. time to own.

gotten beat up online. comin to learn from the pros. that means you gulf coast bloggers.

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