Sorry for the lack of posts of late... but here's some updates...

Yet when I get called out in the comments section I have to respond. As Dooleyera wrote, "When did you get your Aces in... pre-flop or post flop? regardless to get knocked out that many times with em is tough.been a week since your last update. your loyal readers are dissapointed.lookin to play some pokah in Jan....down in nawlins. time to own. gotten beat up online. comin to learn from the pros. that means you gulf coast bloggers."

Umm. Mostly get in preflop. That time postflop. That boomtown tournament has had me look down at Aces in the big blind with somebody all in for more too many times. I can't not call and invariably they hit their set of... 2s.

Actually, I've been running pretty well. I usually post less when I'm doing well, because like bad beat stories I'm sure brags are pretty annoying also. Guess there isn't much to talk about otherwise so maybe I have to a little bit. Also, as one friend told me he checks in on my blog to see me complain about losing and whine about bad beats, so maybe I should talk about the positives too.

Gene and I played in a large, loose rebuy bar tournament. To give you the idea of play, you have AK on the button, raise five limpers 7x. All call. Flop is Kxx rainbow. Checked to you. You bet large. Two callers. Turn is a 6. Bet big again. One caller. River is a 5. Checked to you. You check. Lunchbox turns over 56 for two pair. Okay, he'll lose those chips quickly but still...

So, seeing that kind of thing, I play even tighter. Upon reflection, if I play again, I may just stand up through the rebuy period. Late in the game I look down at two jacks from early position. With blinds and antes what they are and the table playing tight, I make a decent size bet, almost commiting a 1/4 of my chips. A guy comes over the top all in. He's got about twice my bet. Another guy comes over the top all in, with just slightly more. The second guy is cool as a cucumber. I put him on Aces.

Big dog.

Yet, I pretty much have to call. First guy all in, is not happy, so I'm not reading him for queens or kings. I'm getting 5 to 1 on my money not even counting blinds and antes. I'll still have half my stack after I lose.... UNLESS I SPIKE MY JACK. Who says I don't win races when I'm a huge dog.

Aces tells me I made a terrible call. I say what I always say, "Yeah, I just got lucky," normally I say that when luck had nothing to do with it, but here it had a lot to do with it even though I'd make that call again. We get to the final table and the bubble manages to last for 45 minutes. Short stacks became big stacks and vice versa. Every hand, the big stack would be ahead and the short stack would catch up. Yes, I was the big stack most of the time. Painful. Still, a cash is a cash.

Played last night at harrahs. Delighted to see when they comped me a room they charged me a deposit of $250 and then the next day another one for $660. At first, I couldn't figure out what either charge was and I was about to cancel my card until I thought about how awkward my check-in was. A call to Harrahs confirmed it. Redonkulous. Then when they cut me a rebate today they only fire back $460 ignoring the initial $250 deposit. Terrible. Then upon reminding the girl, they were still charging me ~$450 in deposits, the girl made it sound like she didn't want to bother her manager again with the paperwork. What?

Back to poker though, one notable hand from last night, I got pocket 7s. A guy bets preflop, a couple of callers, flop comes 1065 (two hearts). He bets again, folded to me. I stew. I think I have the best hand here and almost repop him but just call. Turn is the 7 of hearts. I see him lean back in classic, I just got the nuts style, and just throws out his bet. He isn't even trying to disguise his strength. I call, praying for the board to pair. I'm confident if it does, my full house will blind side him and I can felt him for all his chips. Come on, come on, 10, 6, 5, come on. Oh, hello 2 of clubs. He bets a small bet of $50. Yet, oddly knowing, I mean KNOWING, he's got AK suited of hearts I call with a set of 7s. Bad call. He showed his AK. I should have folded face up and called out his hand and he would have shown me. That was a bad river call.

Another notable one, I turned the nut flush and rivered a straight flush against a guy I had beaten down to get over even for the night. He told me as I was loading up my river bet, he wouldn't call me if I had bet 50 cents and that he was putting me on his W-2 form. I bet a dollar, jokingly and he folded, I said give me a hat. Why couldn't he hold the king of hearts?

This same guy welched out of about $25 dollars earlier. I held KJ. Flop came K44. He bets big into the multiway pot after a preflop small raise. I call. Turn is a Jack. I check, he checks. River is another Jack. He bets, I raise, not too many chips left. I go into acting mode making myself believe I got squadoosch. He goes back to his chip stack and fires out another raise. I put all my chips in to the pot, but thinking his bet had me covered. He turns over AJ and is pissed when I show KJ. The dealer says we got the same hand three or four times. I say I got a full house. He does too. Yeah, but I got a better full house. She can't see it.

The entire table including the loser tells her I've won the hand. She keeps pushing the jacks and fours up. Finally, I explain my jacks and kings beats his jacks and fours. Oh. She starts to sweep the pot to me. I stop her again and point to my stack. Let's be sure of that too. Oh (again). She counts it out and I got $25 or so more then the other guy's raise. He continues being ballistic. "I done lost enough, you going to make me pay money I didn't bet." His wrath is aimed at the dealer, who besides those brainfarts is a good a dealer, and deals me winners, so I tried to be patient.

I realize he technically didn't say call and just flipped his cards. I thought about calling floor, but I let him off the hook because he was tilted and had a big stack. All the other players I respected and thought we'd just push money around, he was the loose one, so to speak, and I didn't want him to get up in a tiff and he looked close to that already. I got him later, so maybe that $25 was a good investment but maybe not. I can't decide from these outcomes: worst result, floor might have let him go with it and he still might have picked up and left because I bitched, middle results; floor might have given me the $25 and he gets up and leaves or floor doesn't give me the $25 but he stays, or the best case floor gives me the $25 and he stays even more tilted. I think if I do it again, I'll take over for the dealer and make sure to hear him say call before I show my hand. Regardless of his hand being thrown face up.

Oh well, I finished up for the night but I've cataloged at least $75 I let go last night so as always A LOT of room to improve.


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