Happy Holidays

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves, their families and the holiday season. I hope next year is everything you want it to be.

In the coming days, I'll be posting a column on Exit Strategy (why you always need one) and a little personal story Meet The Parents. Funny moment as the future in laws all got together for the first time.

In the meantime a quick hand that I played on Sunday. I had crap in the big blind. Somebody makes one of those pot building raises to like 7 and everybody calls to me. I have to pay 5 for a $65 pot, yes, I'll play just about any two cards. Flop is KK2. I have a 2 and it's checked around. Turn is an 8. I figure I'll take a stab because people might buy I have a K. I bet. Folded to a kid in the small blind whose decision making is wild at best. He calls. Okay. I'm going to shut her down. He's liable to call with an 8 or slowplay his king (thought doing it twice is strange). If he can call that turn bet, he'll call my river bet, and there are no draws out there.

River is a 3.

He checks. I check. Strange.

I turn over crap-2. He turns over 6-3 (?).

Yes, I was snakebit that day. Though, I'm curious just what his thinking was at all. What was he hoping to hit? Or did he just hope to bluff me out on the river but when he hit his three he thought he may good. Did he want to check raise me with a pair of threes?

My play was bad enough with trying to steal with 9 other players in the hand. His play? Crazy.


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