David's Wenesday and Thursday

Lemme catch up here. Tuesday was the Tag Team event, and I didn't get a voucher for it with the mega satellite prize package. Wednesday I showed up, and I busted out real early. I couldn't get started, I missed continuation bets, I got real tentative and people drew out on me. Thursday, you and Gene showed up, and I played kinda deep--it started with 150-200 entrants, I got to like 35. I busted out trying to steal blinds with a 6-9 suited. Not so swift, but I felt really pressured to make a move with blinds catching up. I also lost $200 in the 2-5 no limit cash game after the tourney on Thursday, but I caught that back up Friday morning when I flopped 2 pair with AK suited and got a call from a lady who was outta postion, but thought her pair of Aces would get her there since the guys at the other end of the table were dragging pots with second pairs. She'd check, I'd bet, she'd call, on the flop, the turn, and on the river. Maybe she figured I was playing like them because I was talking to them so much:)

Today is Friday, and I have to say that this daily tournament routine is becoming a serious grind. I've been wound up all week now, and I am not looking forward to the main event that is going to last Sat, Sunday and Monday. 90 minute rounds. Today, I got ahead in the first round with pocket kings. Later on, I got too involved in some hands with a strong player to my left, which is the chair I least want to have a strong player sitting in. I also had Cowboy at my table--you told me he's a solid player, and now I see what you mean. I stayed outta his way, and he said several times that he intended to stay outta my way, which really flattered me. The strong player to my left was also showing me some respect, but he also kept taking my chips:) I would have to say that the table I was at was loaded with very strong players. Of the 10 seats, I would say that only one was weak--an action player who played alot of hands then got frustrated when the cards quit coming. The hand I busted out with was 7-9 diamonds in the small blind (400-800 blinds), 4 people limped in so I got great odds to draw at a flush for half a bet. 2 diamonds on the flop, so I put in a $1600 bet that ran everybody out but the big blind to my left (the aforementioned strong player). He called, and the turn gives me an open end straight draw to go with my flush draw, so I have like 15 or 17 outs. I check and he put in a big bet, but it gave me like 3 to 1 pot odds, which I thought was a good deal with outs that give me pot odds of like 2 to 1 or maybe better. I knew I was gonna call, I looked at my stack and see that I only have another $1200 after the call so I just pushed all in, hoping to just win the pot right there, He called, I didn't get the flush or the straight on the river, and he takes the pot with top pair--queens. I think I played the hand right, but on the other hand, I wonder about the wisdom of pushing all in on a draw like that. Once again, I mixed it up with a big stack, and I ended up all in against someone who had enough chips to call me just for the hell of it. I need to start considering stack sizes earlier in the hand, I guess. On the other hand, if the flush had got there, I'd be saying how brilliantly I played it and doubled up at a crucial point in the tournament. I had so many outs. Maybe it's one of those hands where folding or playing are both right, and it just didn't pan out. What do you think?


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