Who is David Spicer?

GCP's main man at Coushatta in his own words:

"I've been playing Hold'Em since 1996. I started in college. I'm an engineer, so Iike math and I like weighing pros and cons to different technical solutions, which is how I approach decision making in poker. The first time I ever saw it played, I was in high school in 1987. They were playing it at a titty bar that I was in illegally. I wanted to play, i was immediately intrigued, but I figured it'd be way outta control to sit down and start playing cards in the only well lighted place in the whole club when I was just 16 years old:)

In 1998 or 1999, I started playing 7 card hi/low split with some old men in Crowley on a daily basis. I also started playing the the white chip hold em games in the casinos in lake charles and baton rouge. I got my fill of poker about 2 years ago, and i swore off it. I was sick of watching J9 offsuit suck out on the river, and losing money to them, in the white chip games so i just quit because i thought that poker was just a coin toss, like craps or roulette.

I started back playing a few months ago. I lucked into a perfect white chip game (table full of loose passive players who consistently folded or made bad calls on the turn), and walked out with a $500 bank roll to play with. I've put that into some tournaments at my wife's suggestion, and I've gone deep, or hit the money, in all 4 of the tournaments I've played so far. I just tried out the no limit game in Lake Charles last week, and that seemed to fit alot better, too. I played white chip games for years, and for some stupid reason I never thought to try higher limits or tournaments. I wish I had, my whole life might be different.

So I met you at the Acadian Series of Poker, got a look at your website, and saw the 7 Clans Mega Satellite. I read the little description that said how cool it was that the mega satellite tournament wins you $1070 and free entry into other tournaments. I figured if I hit that, how cool would it be to play 5 or 6 tournaments in one week, get some serious tournament experience in just a week. So I entered and played Sunday."

There you have it folks. We will keep track of David's progress through the week. Good luck man.


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