David's Monday Results

"Yesterday, Monday December 3, I picked up receipts for the rest of the weeks tournaments at the poker room. I played in the Monday tournament which started out with 167 entrants. Once again, I got short stacked early playing around with suited aces, putting in bets on the turn and the river with 3 and 4 flush draws and middle pair, draws not getting there and the Ace not hitting to make my 2 pair. I busted out at the 4th table which I think is still pretty deep in the tournament.

My last hand, I was short stacked and looking to double up before the blinds busted me out. I got AJ suited, went all in and was called by Freddy, from Alexandria with a huge stack. Freddy flipped up pocket queens, but I felt good about it, I had to do it with a short stack and the blinds about to knock me out in a few more hands. I flopped 2 pair, no queen, and I figured I had it in the bag. Turn was a blank, the river was a queen. I felt like I got shot in the chest:) I was crushed, felt it all the way home to Lafayette, too. My wife says to me, "well you had fun didn't you? you should just be playing to have fun." I informed her that when these tournaments get down to the last 4 or 5 tables, all the "playing for fun" people are already busted out, the people left at that point are all excellent poker players and they are playing for blood. This shit is serious."


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