Continuing the Beau Nightly at the Southern Poker Championship... part 999

Where was I in this post thread that will never end about a small nightly I slap-chopped. Shame for you readers that I write this all out in word in one huge post one night after I play poker and then break it up into all these little posts. It's like two weeks later and I'm still talking about the same tournaments.

Oh the hand, I left you spellbound on... I came out third best. Wasn't even really a poker bad beat as I let second place get there and take the side pot. Baton Rouge held AK and the small blind AQ for two pair. He’d get Aces twice in big pots and they’d hold. Ironically, even with a big stack he still gave me walks.

On one hand a guy shoved on my big blind and I had garbage. Also, with the Harrahs incident fresh in my mind with Merle, I wasn’t going to commit any chips to the pot that I didn’t need to when we were playing for a chop. A strong player who was avoiding pots with me, and me him, flat called after eying me. I think he wanted me to call and check it down. Again, I ended up with a big card and a low card, which probably weren’t going to be live.

Also, I wasn’t entirely sure, the other guy might be trapping. What would I do if I partially hit the flop? Be committed to calling at least one more bet? Discretion is often the better part of valor and despite getting encouraging eyes from the strong player I folded.

He shook his head and whispered disappointment to Baron Whipple on his right loud enough for me to hear that I didn’t understand how to gang up on the short stacks in this situation. I let it go, because I wasn’t going to splash any chips I did’t have too. I already watched a couple of guys with big stacks get too cute and find themselves on the rail to know I didn’t need to get drawn into anything. Oddly, I thought my play was making me the most exploitable player at the table but nobody came after me. If anything it felt like that made them fear me. So weird. If I needed to go after blinds as some of them did, mine would have been first on the list.

I didn’t play another hand and agreed to an offer of a chop 13 or 14 handed. I was down to about 40k. The little stacks wisely bribed the big stacks by offering them money to take the chop. I didn’t quite have enough to bargain for that and the guy to my left who I had somewhat befriended was desperate for a chop, too.

I might have refused because the other table had at least one player on fumes bribing the big stacks that we could have eliminated but the guy to my left was jonesing for a chop. Plus, I’m not dick enough to do what I should do and say I’ll chop after we lose you. Also, I based the chop on a non-official payout that was closer to 1400 than what it really was.

People are so petty. A guy with a large stack demanded a certain amount and the little stacks made right with him. Baron Whipple went from a shorty to a big stack and was eying the little stack on the other table and resisted the chop. Quickly the two shorties offered him an extra hundred each. Before that I overheard the first big stack say to his table, “Now that guy’s complaining…”

What? When he did it was, I guess to him, negotiating when, Baron simply offered resistance he was “complaining.” How hypocritical and so sleazy to frame it that way on his table so they would get angry with Baron because now that he had the extra cash (and lost some chips too btw) why not paint Baron in a bad light. You got to look out for number one but have a little integrity. Anyway we chopped.


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