BCS Title Game, Southern Poker Championship, and other tidbits... part two

I'm going to break down the BCS title game a little bit but first I wanted to mention who excited I am about the Acadiana Series of Poker (ASOP) as I think they are going to get a big turnout and hopefully get to the numbers they had a couple of years ago where everybody at the final table got big checks. The large one day Texas Hold em poker tournament should be fun to play in. I will definitely be there for that on the 28th of this month.

If you are coming bring some money for rebuys as the action will be fast and furious. There will be a lot people there with no idea how to play poker that are just supporting the cause and donating money. Don't be surprised to see five way all-ins in a lot of pots. It will play a little bit like PLO in that regard.

I keep hearing how the game is going to be over 80 points and the offenses will keep running until the clock runs out. Interestingly enough, I wonder if the officials have been doing intense cardio training in the 40 day run up to this event. Also, wonder as they get tired if they’ll get sloppy and make some terrible late calls.

Fatigue as any poker player knows really effects your judgment. My father worked with a guy who climbed the International soccer ladder to just missing out on reffing World Cup games. He did plenty of International events, which involved him dodging coins, bottles, spit, and angry spectators. He told my dad, the fitness standards to be a World Class, World Cup ref, were almost too high for any refs to meet.

No offense to the refs, and no offense to local poker play “Coach” Rodney Shows a retired CUSA ref, but I just don’t buy the college football refs being in that kind of shape. And if they are, I have to question why they run around with sausages stuff into their tight black and white shirts. The offenses of Oregon and Auburn will require the fittest guys on the field be the officiating crew as they never get a break.

All that being said, moreso due to the tempo than perhaps the actual scoring of both teams, I think this game will disappoint. Auburn and Oregon both proved this year no lead is safe against them, and no team can get too far out in front without either team catching the, but they’ve met their match. IF one or the other tightens up and turns the ball over a couple of times early, I project a two to three score lead 14, 17, 20 or 21 points will be enough for the other team to protect.

Neither team is going to slow up, and despite their tempos, they both have running games that can wind the clock. Usually, they score a staggering amount of under 2 minute drives for touchdowns, however, I think there will be some long running drives which could preserve the leads.

The key to the game will be who gets that lead, as the other will finally meet a team, that they just can’t outscore when they want to. A big part of both teams offense is running the other team hard for three quarters and then when they are gassed exploit them in the fourth quarter. That’s not by accident that Oregon and Auburn did this all year, that’s the point of the tempo.


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