Catching up to the Beau tales..

So, I left you in the middle of the hand. The plot could not be any thicker, so I'll refrain from saying the plot thickens. A refresher though: I was playig in the nightly Texas Hold em poker
survivor tournament where top ten per cent get paid.
Course there I was i this poker tournament one hand away from busting and having the option to throw all my chips in the middle but I didn't.

Whatever the last guy had it was it was dead except for a four of a kind draw. And yeah, he also lacked clubs. Oh… I was live. I’d have to dodge a paired board and runner-runner clubs but a club would have been the gin card for me. I thought about the pot and saw that if I hit I’d have about 15k.

Awesome. At that point I would be sitting pretty just one hand after rebuying. With the weak spots at the table and us having a pretty good breaking order I could have coasted til deep in the tournament. When the club hit the turn I was cursing myself.

The board didn’t pair and another club didn’t hit and the good player at the table raked in a massive pot. Oddly, except for maybe one rebuy (that I might have missed), I think the order of the hands went from shortest to tallest stacks so no eliminations. I was in extreme interior tilt. Hard not to have chip envy with the guy across the table and to play that dangerous mental game “I should have this many chips…”.

Then I went inside and said to myself “You still got chips, the structure is slow enough that you still got play, and you have a good table image and a good table.” I blinded down to under 1200 not willing to make a stupid all-in blind steal with nothing. I kept finding good folds and not just angrily putting my chips in the middle. Then I shoved from the button with Q5 on an unopened pot. I told myself if the first card was Queen or better and nobody had raised I was shoving. The small blind was short and shoved. I didn’t like it but I was resigned to fate. Baton Rouge called us both.

Baton Rouge held Q8, the big blind 52 or something. Nice. Down to two cards or so, but I had this odd sense of serenity. I felt like because I had weathered the tilt and still played solid, things were going to go my way. Sure enough we ended up chopping when we hit a queen an three cards bigger than an eight rolled out. I took a small profit.

I shoved on the only stack smaller than me with AQ and ran into AA again, fun. Yet, still I had chips but again down to under 1500. I got lucky again when I shoved in the hijack with Q10 and found AK in the BB. Again, I felt during the hand I was going to be safe, though I might have stood up for good luck. Sometimes you know you are toast even if you have the best hand going into a flop and sometimes you know you are going to catch up.

I did, hitting a 10, though I was looking for a queen and almost missed it when it fell on the flop. I felt good and just had a sense things were going my way. I came to the Beau with a plan of winning at least 1200 and they announced the top 11 would get 1700. Not too shabby. More buy-ins if I could hold on. Sidenote for some reason the nightlies aren't important enough to make, I mean Brian is only covering three other tournaments why not walk clean across the room and give us some credit.

To be continued...


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