Wednesday is an All Day Affair...

*Congrats to Gene D, Southpaw Rounder, and All Day Alex T, who all cashed in a Wednesday tournament. I busted out of both, narrowly missing the final table at the Beau (as is my standard there), and playing too fast at the Harrahs Donkley. It turned out is was a good day for almost everybody, as Goondingy and I both had some winning sessions on the cash tables, too.

Reid and I played next to each other and we saw some crazy things. Reid made a great call on a guy who was tilting after I rivered quads on him. The guy played it big with a bit of a scary board and all guy had was a gutterdraw to go with his pocket threes to Reid's overpair when Reid made the right read and called. River brought the straight and sent Reid home. Afterwards, another player disparaged Reid's play a bit saying he shouldn't have called because of the board. I corrected him and told him Reid made a good call. He corrected me and said the board stipulated a fold. I corrected him that Reid's read that his opponent was tilting and he he had him dead to 6 outs stipulated a call. "Not with that board!" Okay, sir. Mental note, next time you check a textured board I'm betting you off your hand.

Lots of verbal jabs at the table, whining and bitching. Earlier, I flopped a boat with with K10 and a board of KK10. I could tell my lady hit her hand and I knew she had a King. I tried to get all of her chips, over 10k at that point, and after some reraising we got it in on the flop. She showed KQ and pointed to her Queen when I showed K10. Reid said he folded a Queen (and maybe a 10 too?). Turn brought either the case 10 or one of two. At least it wasn't a Queen, I told myself after the brick river and chopped pot.

I was pretty much done with the hand and I was moving on focusing on it not being a Queen--being postive but... Then the lady counted out her chips and expected me to pay her off. She said full house. She wouldn't let it drop. It was explained to her we chopped the pot. For at least 5 to 10 more hands she kept complaining about it and didn't get that she didn't win the hand. She kept asking what I had, when I saw her stare at my K10 and then point to her queen triumphantly on the flop. Then when she-quasi got it I say quasi because she looked rather disgusted at me as though I was the one of who sucked out on her.

A gentleman who is a sports editor in Mobile, laughed, "It's bad enough you got sucked out on, but you have to listen to this." Btw, he will be doing an article on poker in an upcoming paper so hopefully he'll give a shout out to the site as well as to the local poker community.

He had a point, her grousing did grow tiresome. I let her mumble in frustration more and nodded knowingly like indeed I was the one who got lucky on her.

There was another guy, who I sucked out on who wouldn't let a hand we played drop either. That was the guy who bluffed on Reid and sucked out. We both flopped a set (A87) I had sevens he had 8s. The turn was an A. He kept "slyly" value betting me. I thought he had an A and now I was worried, about getting sucked out on, so I hoped for the river to not be a face (his preflop raise was 2.5x and I thought a middle tier hand AJ, A10 maybe AQ or some pocket pair). If he did so with sooted A8 I decided I was going to give him all my chips. Didn't have to worry as the river brought another 7. He bet and I shoved on him.

He bitched about the river card and folded his 8s face up. Damn. My bet was perfect for an Ax hand. Terrible for the hand he held. To his credit, despite his whining that we had to endure until they broke the table, he made a good fold. If I played back at him at all on the earlier streets when I was killed, ironically I would have sucked out to win the pot and all his chips. He later bragged/bitched to his friend about folding a full house on a paired board. Um no sir, it was a double paired board. We both though each other had an Ace.

I got moved and I watched All Day Alex make a good call for all his chips with AK on a King high board. The girl was on a stone cold steal with Q10. Turn Queen, river 10. Runner-runner. Bit of a blood bath for the friends of GCP after what happend to Reid. When I got seated next to Gene with two tables left, I expected him to endure an terrible beat at any moment.

With SouthPaw and All Day both final tabling the Harrahs Donkley, I was stunned to only see two of the six players we knew still standing. I got bounced when the blinds caught up to us and I flipped with AK vs. Smokey's QQ. Gene got AA and KK on back to back hands and also stole just enough to stay ahead of the structure. Well played.

With Smokey on my right, he bet big any unopened pot. Yet, again, I watched my stack dwindle as I lost any first in juice, and never got a hand that I wanted to three bet with. Thought Smokey with his big ass bets was priced into any call. I need to work on that aspect of my game of how to manufacture chips when I have an agressive but tight player beating me into the pot in those critical spots.

As I chilled out for a bit, I sweated Gene and watched/scouted some of the 1-2 and 2-5 games. Now, I was the annnoying guy standing on the rail, that I hate when I'm playing that could see half the people's hole cards and follow the action. Course I didn't know anybody on the table. Then I watched some omaha poker as I know I'm going to have to learn the game in today's poker world to stay relevant. Must play more online omaha. Must.

It's so annoying when friends of players stand directly across from them and behind you. Now, I doubt most or rather almost any of them are cheating or exchanging signals but it makes me uncomfortable. If the guy sees I have a monster what's to keep him from shaking his head to his buddy.

Anyway, I was standing behind Gene and saw him in a three way pot vs. Smokey and a guy they busted. Gene had a bit of a cooler hand when his Queens ran into Smokey's AA. This is where I was so impressed with Geno, because in the past I've seen him take those hands really hard but he just moved on like a pro, rebuilt his stack and outlasted almost everyone. Great job Gene, you are really playing well right now.

Alright, will have some cash game stories to tell later too and will get back to Duce McCallister and the now guilty Dollar Bill Jefferson tales.


Reid said…
Wednesday's tourney was straight out of the twilight zone. It was one "wtf" after another. Buncha freaks.
Darrell said…

Tiltin Texan said…
me too dollar bill, new post

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