Thanks For the Well WIshes

So we had the baby. He's healthy and so far docile--though I've read not to be fooled by newborns early demeanor sometimes it takes a little for them to find their voice and energy. So far so good.

It was a c-section which explains my absence from the world wide web. My wife will remain in the hospital (which has no internet service) until Saturday. It's amazing how little a person can do when the have stitches across their mid-section. The hospital staff has been great but it's almost impossible for me to get away. Poor wife is getting poked and prodded literally every hour throughout the night so basically hasn't gotten any rest at all. Me on the in-room sleeper gets a little more, but not much.

Thank you all for the good tidings and well wishes. We are already learning what everybody is talking about when they suggested we wouldn't get any sleep due to the baby's feedings. The little guy is either sleeping or eating. Which is good. Not much crying, which is better.

I saw a lot of the blogs have been updated and I hope to steal some time to get the front page of GCP to reflect that. I know Gene has been on a multi-state tour for work, so to speak, so that explains the lack of content from both of us.

Anyway, now, I got to pick up some personal items and get back to the hospital. Thanks again everybody. I might even burden ya'll with a picture of the little one next time I post. It's been a good week despite the day long labor which suddenly turned into a c-section. Journey wasn't easy but the destination so far has been worth it.

However, I do want to give Jackson an opportunity to plug a new online site he's founded. "Gulf Coast Baby Poker.NET. Play with the newborns. Just a few days ago they literally breathed like fish." Okay, not really. How about a real plug then... It's only a matter of time before the kid get some lessons at poker school. With Daddy's long sabbatical I may have to join him there.

By the way, what comes first flashcards or cards?


Reid said…
congrats bill!
C.S. said…
Thank you
Poker Monkey said…
Hey man, welcome to the world of fatherhood and responsibility! Guess the good lord didn't feel like I was quite ready for that slippery slope! HOpe you are brother! I like the new logo/emblem on the front page. Shiny!!!! Hey, that chick (by the way, liking the new infusion of SEX on the site...definitely catches the eyes!1!!) on the front page today, Miss Fiore? That one who got dead in a suitcase? I do NOT think that is her photo! I saw the story yesterday on Yahoo...and her face looks WAY different that pic you have on there. I could be wrong. Hmmmmmm....

C.S. said…
Thank you Monkey. I hope I'm ready too. I know you'll be joining me soon enough.

The girl on the front of the site is the VH1 reality girl Megan from the reality show that dude was on "Megan Looks For a Millionaire" or something turgid like that. He was trying to woo Megan... I guess while married to the girl he killed.

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